Dean's Corner


A decade ago, the College of Science was born out of the need to create a niche for the Sciences, Technology, and Mathematics. Not only was it a move to put an emphasis on science education, it was a pivotal decision to prepare for a globally competitive and responsive tertiary education for budding scientists in the region. It was the minds of the ComDev crafters that Science was the way of the future, and thus they paved the road for whom and to where we are right now. There is no way to do away with the Sciences. Our lives depend so much on technologies and our very own body follows rhythms, reactions, mathematical and physical forces that are best explained through the systematized body of knowledge. That is why we in the college of science underscore the value of learning the natural sciences, mathematics and ICT even for non-science majors, and more so for young scientists and ICT specialists.

As a service college, we seek to simplify science concepts to common language so that more than knowing, our students understand and appreciate them towards daily applications. We are proud to say that over the years, we have toiled to become a research and extension college, generating new knowledge through faculty researches and disseminating new technologies through needs-driven extension programs. Our research agenda embeds the thrusts of the region towards a significant contribution to national development and knowledge generation. Our extension programs are responsive to needs such as K-12 complements and health concerns, all mixed in a social perspective. It is the vision of this college that in ten years, we become a center of excellence in the sciences. We enjoin everyone to walk with us, work with us and celebrate with us in the coming years: as a college and as a family. Science is the way of the future, and that future begins today.


Prof. Jocelyn E. Serrano

College Dean