Definition and Legal Basis

Extension service as defined in the General Appropriations Act is an inherent function of institution of higher learning with the purpose of initiating, catalyzing, and sustaining the development of various communities, using their experience and available resources. It is a vital component in creating a more favorable, true to life teaching-learning experience for students and for the school to bring to the community its expertise and resources.

Extension services also involves packaging, demonstration, and application of appropriate technology, tools, materials, processes and products, generated through research and technical studies in selected communities for countrywide adoption. 

It includes community organizing activities and similar extension, or community development work.

Extension is one of the three fold functions of the state university that is recognized and embodied in the Higher Education Modernization Act of 1997 (RA 8292) with regards to the intensification of the extension services together with research and higher education that will be geared towards the provision of better quality education and the development of middle and high level manpower.   The act also promotes the establishment of extension centers where development shall be established at the communities, setting up the adoption of modern and innovative modes of transmitting knowledge such as the use of information technology, the dual system, open learning, community laboratory, etc., for the promotion of greater access to higher education.

Operationally, the BU Extension Organization defines extension as an alternative educational process and related services undertaken with the various clienteles of the university for the purpose of initiating, catalyzing, sustaining and widening their opportunities and creating more favorable true-to-life teaching-learning experiences for the students and for the institution.

It involves the development and/or enhancement of the competency and widening of opportunities for growth to attain individual, community, national and global goals. Specifically for BU Extension, it shall include the following key undertakings: continuing education, development and action research, communications media technologies, knowledge management, consultancy, linkages and other related support.