PhilGEPS Posting

Procurement Posting Data

Notice of Awards, Contract Agreement and Notice to Proceed for Completed Procurement with ABC of more than Php 500,000.00

 1. Construction of BU Facade
 2. Construction of BU Facade, Phase II(Facade Torch and Fountain)
 3. Provision of Security Services for the BU Main and Satellite Colleges/Units
 4. Road Network at BU Main Campus with Double Barrel Box Culvert, Phase II
 5. Road Network at BUCENG Campus, Phase III
 6. Upgrading of Electrical System at BUCE Campus
 7. Supply and Delivery of Desktop PC and Television Sets for BUCS CS/IT Department
 8. Supply and Delivery of Miscellaneous ICT Equipment & Supplies for IMO
 9. Supply and Delivery of One(1) Electro-Pneumatic Training Set
 10. Supply and Delivery of Two(2) Units Passenger Van Type Vehicle for BU
 11. Provision of Labor and Materials for the Sewing of 5000 sets PE Uniform
 12. Upgrading of BU Tabaco Campus Electrical System
 13. Completion of College Building
 14. Supply and Delivery of Miscellaneous ICT Equip for Conduct of Training on Grade 7 of the K12 Curriculum
 15. Supply and Delivery of One(1) Unit School Bus for BU
 16. Supply and Delivery of BUCS Miscellaneous Science Laboratory Supplies, Materials and Equipment
 17. Supply and Delivery of Miscellaneous ICT Equipment for BUGC
 18. BUCENG Universal Testing Machine
 19. Supply and Delivery Miscellaneous ICT Equipment for CS/IT Computer Laboratory
 20. Clonal Nursery & Working Shed Building at BUCAF Campus
 21. College of Medicine Building
 22. Apparatus for Biology Laboratory
 23. Library Fixtures & Furniture
 24. Political Science Twin Building
 25. ICT Equipment for CSIT Computer Laboratory
 26. ICT Equipment and Devices for BUGASS Offices
 27. Procurement of Miscellaneous Books for use in the University and Unit Libraries
 28. Provision of Catering Services & Accomodation for Training of Teachers for Grade 7, at Legazpi City

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