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Friday August 9, 2019

Gathering to celebrate the recent achievements of the Bicol University Institute of Architecture (BUIA), graduates, the students, alumni, faculty and ...

Tuesday July 9, 2019

The Bicol University Institute of Architecture (BUIA) once again proves why they are one of the top architecture schools in the country with forty (40...

Thursday February 28, 2019

Celebrating the victory of their 34 students who passed the recently concluded January 2019 Architecture Licensure Examination (ALE), the Bicol Univer...

Wednesday September 19, 2018

As the highlight of this year’s celebration, Bicol University celebrates its 49th founding anniversary and marks the start of the 2018 BU Week with ...

Friday July 20, 2018

With the release of the June 2018 Architecture Licensure Examination (ALE) last July 5, 57 examinees from Bicol University Institute of Architecture (...

Friday June 22, 2018

In celebration of the birth of the university in 1969, Bicol University held its 49th annual Charter Day celebration this June 21 at the BRFICC Amphit...


About Us


The Bicol University Institute of Architecture is the 16th and the youngest academic unit of the Bicol University that started its operation by virtue of the Board of Regents Resolution on November 24, 2014 finally separating from the College of Engineering. Ar. EnP Reynaldo O. Nacional Jr., FUAP, PIEP, MS Arch. is serving as its first Director since February 2015.

The Bachelor of Science in Architecture had however had its maiden during in the Bicol University in June 1977 during the incumbency of Dr. Ricardo Arcilla as the university president with architects Everardo N. Napay, FEUP (deceased) and Cornello P. Maninang, UAP as the first members of the faculty.

The Institute embarked upon a thrust of producing world class professionals who propagate the culture of sustainable design and climate change adaptation.

The Institute has produced more than 500 architects already since the program was first offered 38 years ago also yielding board topnotchers and performing consistently at  par with the top Architecture Schools in the Country.

The alumni are well placed in various jobs in the country and overseas. Some alumni made it in the architectural design practice, some as building contractors, some as consultants in the various specialty fields. There were alumni who ventured into the academe now holding  key positions in architecture schools in the Bicol Region and in the other Regions including NCR.

The Institute  has also produced  professionals in the other allied fields as some alumni took and passed PRC licensure examinations for Registered Master Plumbers and for Environmental Planners.

The first three from among who were elevated as FELLOWS of the United Architects of the Philippines in April 2014 because of their exemplary contributors in the Architectural Profession, namely:

Ar. LEO A. DEL ROSARIO, FUAP ( Batch 1988)
Ar. DELFIN M. MIRATE JR., FUAP (Batch 1991)

Succession of Department Heads:

1. Ar. Leopoldo Cadag, UAP- Officer in Charge
2. Ar. Fidel Jose R. Siapno, FUAP 1985 to1988
3. Ar.  Cornelio P. Maninang, UAP- 1998 to 1991
4. Ar. Emelita S. Sibuyo- Aycardo, UAP-1991 to 1997
5. Ar. Ramon E. DEaica, UAP- 1997 to 2001
6. Ar. Nestor F. Santiago III, UAP- 2001 to 2004
7. Ar. Ramon A. Dado III, UAP- 2004 to 2007
8. Ar./ EnP Reynaldo O. Nacional Jr., FUAP, PIEP, MS Arch.- June 20017 to February 2015
9. Arch. Domingo L. Gamba, UAP, Head of the Undergraduate Program, February 2015 to date
10. Ar. :Leo A. Del Rosarion, FUAP, MS Arch., Head of the Graduate Program, February 2015 to date


The afore cited vision is rooted in Bicol University's mandate as provided in RA 5521 which is “ to give professional and technical training and provide advanced and specialized instruction in literature, philosophy, the sciences and arts, besides providing for the promotion of scientific and technological researches, (sec. 3.) Hence, the BU graduates shall be distinguished by their industry, nationalism and integrity. Along its line, extension service to the community and resource generation through its various productive endeavours shall compliment the university's mandated instruction-research function.



The Institute of Architecture, aims to achieve the following goals:

To produce globally competitive and collaborative professionals in architecture and environmental studies responsive to the times through outcomes based education.

To embark on relevant new programs such as Bachelor in regional Landscape Architecture, bachelor in Interior Architecture, Bachelor of Science in Environmental Planning, Master of Science in Environmental Planning and other programs in the field of the built and natural environments.

To strengthen the moral, spiritual, social, and physical well being of the students



To provide quality architecture education for global competitiveness by the integration of fundamental and diversified knowledge and relevant competencies putting emphasis onclimate change adaptation.

To strengthen partnership and linkages with the alumni, the industry, the immediate community and other institutions

To intensify research and development activities.


Degree Programs

Courses Offered:

Bachelor of Science in Architecture
Master of Science in Architecture


Ar. Reynaldo O. Nacional Jr., FUAP, PIEP, MS ARCH. 
Associate Professor III/ Director

Ar. Elviro T. Apuya, UAP, PSPE
Assistant Professor I/ Associate Director

Ar. Delfin M. Mirabete Jr., FUAP, PSPE, MS ARCH.
Associate Professor III/ Department Chair

Ar. Ana M. Lorilla, UAP, CHCS
Instructor I (Temporary)/ Research and Extension Coordinator

Ar. Mary Grace R. Dalinog, UAP
Instructor I (Temporary)/ College Student Activities Coordinator


Ar. Ramon E. Dealca, FUAP, AA
Associate Professor  I

Ar. Leo A. Del Rosario, FUAP, MS ARCH.
Associate Professor  IV

Ar. Joselito P. Janer, UAP, PSPE
Instructor II

Ar. Nestor F. Santiago III, UAP
Assistant Professor  II

Ar. Hazel Ann L. Meneses, UAP
Instructor I (Temporary) 

Ar. Maureen M. Sia, UAP, PSPE
Instructor I (Temporary)

Contact Us

Bicol University Institute of Architecture
East Campus, Legazpi City
Tel. No. 742-6728

Ar. Reynaldo O. Nacional Jr., FUAP, PIEP, MS ARCH. -

Ar. Elviro T. Apuya, UAP, PSPE -
Associate Director


Registrar II

Research and Extension

Research Development and Extension Activities:

The Institute had been building up on its Research and Extension Activities as several of its faculty had their research undertakings some of which had already been presented in Regional, National and International Conferences. One had already been published in a referred journal. The researchers range from the built heritage, to urban planning and human settlements and the built-environment.

Some faculty and students had been actively involved in the extension engagements  in the region especially in Disaster Risk Reduction and Climate Change Adaptation, Housing for the Homeless, and others.

Production Activities:

The Institute have had its share of production activities in the form of trainings in AutoCAD for government and private employees.