Student Affairs and Services

The Office of Student Affairs and Services (OSAS) of the Bicol University is in charge of the services and programs that are concerned with academic support experiences of students to attain holistic student development.

The student support services are those that relate to: (1) student welfare, (2) student development, and (3) institutional programs and services (CMO 9, s. 2013). The OSAS works alongside the academic colleges and units in the development of well balanced and well-rounded students through the promotion of their general welfare. Its mission is to promote students' access, welfare, achievement, development and postgraduate success.

Objectives of the Office of Student Affairs:

  1. Ensure the proper balance between the rights of the University as an institution and the rights of students by promoting the well-being of the students through informative activities designed to facilitate student adjustment to life in an academic setting.
  2. Improve the quality of Student Affairs and Services in the University by providing an environment which is generally supportive of students' welfare.
  3. Promote access to quality, relevant, efficient and effective student affairs and services by providing opportunities for students to learn skills needed for optimum learning in the University and appreciation of the dynamics of humanity.
  4. Support student development and welfare by helping them to utilize their potentials to the fullest, in the pursuit of further education, economic enterprise development, free expression of one's religious orientation, and activities that would cater and provide equal opportunities to marginalized students, persons with disabilities, indigenous people, solo parents, etc.
  5. Ensure that Bicol University provides holistic approach for Student Affairs and Services and comply with the minimum requirements for SAS by establishing a more dynamic and person-oriented student welfare, development and institutional student program services that respond to student needs and concerns.