President's Corner

Arnulfo Mateum Mascariñas, Ph. D.
SUC President IV
November Outbox

The recent super typhoon has left a massive destruction in its wake in the Bicol Region. Everyone – students and personnel are affected in varying degrees. It has claimed lives; in particular, one of our freshmen student from the Bicol University Polangui Campus.

November 10,2020 Tuesday

World Teachers' Day

Happy World Teacher's Day! Thank you for continously doing your part and for the many sacrifices you are doing in keeping the torch of wisdom burning in the hearts of every BUenos, even in the midst of this pandemic! You will always be the greatest treasure of Bicol University.Padagos sana kita sa satuyang misyon!

October 5,2020 Monday

51st Founding Anniversary

Today, I sense a quiet stillness from an academic institution that thrives on sounds and the pulsating beat of everyday life. I sense a subdued celebratory mood that has replaced the lively and festive air every September as we celebrate the life and times of our beloved Bicol University. As I looked back at the Golden Moments in last year’s 50th  founding anniversary – the carnival rides, the food booth, the open-air cultural night, the glitz and glamor of the entire celebration – I can’t help

September 29,2020 Tuesday

July Outbox

Welcome to Bicol University, my dear Freshmen! You have now entered a new and exciting phase of your life. You are leaving behind all the familiar things of your childhood and teenage years. You are entering a world where your character, discipline, and intellect will be further developed and challenged.

August 12,2020 Wednesday

Kalayaan 2020: Towards a Free, United, and Safe Nation

Today, we celebrate our country’s 122nd Independence Day. On this day, June 12, 122 years ago – we declared our independence as a nation borne by the blood and sacrifices of our forefathers and heroes. We claimed our freedom from foreign hands who professed to govern us by their own means and methods. But the resiliency of the Filipinos prevailed. The resiliency and perseverance that runs through the blood of every Filipino, prevailed. United under one flag we overcome the hands of oppression in

June 12,2020 Friday

February Outbox

The current global health crisis we are facing has brought us to the reality that no matter how seemingly a society has been continuously evolving, there will always be complex crises that will test the mettle of our faith and human endurance. With February as the month that signals the start of the Lenten Season for the majority of us who are Roman Catholics, we continue to keep our fingers crossed that Bicol Region will be spared from the dreaded CoVid19 and that Bicol University will be able

March 13,2020 Friday