President's Corner

Arnulfo Mateum Mascariñas, Ph. D.
SUC President IV
January Message

We welcome 2019 full of things that have never been. It’s another new chapter in the book of our lives that needs to be written. With the many blessings of the past year, we welcome 2019 with gratitude in our hearts and optimism in our souls as we anticipate more good things and good stories to come!

January 7,2019 Monday


Now, more than ever, in this Season of Hope and Love, I feel the need to express my sincerest gratitude for all that you have done including the various sacrifices you have to make even beyond the bounds of your usual duty. Please know that your efforts have never gone unnoticed. The burdens of the Office may weight me down a bit from time to time, but your continued support and commitment to our vision throughout the start of our journey from the moment I took the Oath of Office in 2015 until n

December 18,2018 Tuesday

November President's Outbox

I am truly humbled by the overwhelming trust you have shown throughout the three years of my presidency. Your trust and confidence in my ability to steer Bicol University into the 21st Century has allowed me to view all the challenges we have encountered as difficult but surmountable challenges. Your passion for work and dedication to make every program, plan, and endeavor count has greatly inspired me to pursue more significant and fruitful directions for Bicol University.

December 4,2018 Tuesday

To the Beloved 620 Faculty of My Bicol University Family:

  Today, and every year, we set aside this time to give due honor to the many men and women whom we call “teachers”. I feel privileged to be part of a select group of people who is both a precursor and prime mover of all professions. But more than that, teachers serve as the actual and living proof that becoming catalysts and change agents for social transformation and development, is highly possible when your heart is in the right place, and your skills are well-honed.

October 4,2018 Thursday

49th Founding Anniversary Message

It is with a deep sense of pride and gratitude that I greet every member of the Bicol University family, a blessed and bountiful 49th Founding Anniversary! As I greet you today with much rejoicing, I am at the same time expressing my deep regret for my absence in such an important milestone in the life of Bicol University.

September 19,2018 Wednesday

President's Outbox July 2018

We have just celebrated our 49th Charter Day as one Bicol University family. Next year, we have an even bigger reason to celebrate. Bicol University is turning 50! From its inception on September 22, 1969 to its growth and development as the leading state university in the Bicol Region and one of the top performing universities in the country, it has indeed, come a long way.

July 31,2018 Tuesday