President's Corner

Arnulfo Mateum Mascariñas, Ph. D.
SUC President IV

51st Founding Anniversary

Friday January 15,2021

Today, I sense a quiet stillness from an academic institution that thrives on sounds and the pulsating beat of everyday life. I sense a subdued celebratory mood that has replaced the lively and festive air every September as we celebrate the life and times of our beloved Bicol University. As I looked back at the Golden Moments in last year’s 50th  founding anniversary – the carnival rides, the food booth, the open-air cultural night, the glitz and glamor of the entire celebration – I can’t help but be nostalgic. But all that nostalgia cannot replace the feeling of pride I have right now for my Bicol University family because in spite of the present situation we have been thrust in unexpectedly – we have managed to ride the waves of change that this COVID19 pandemic has brought. 

With each other’s constant help and support, we were able to pool our innate talents and resources to organize in such a short time, a capability enhancement for flexible learning. Our  respective colleges, units, and offices all came together to ensure that safety mechanisms were in place to guarantee that the usual process will not be hampered or limited. Adaptive measures were likewise instituted. Most of all, each of us rose to the challenge of this pandemic by responding to the needs of our students, faculty, and frontliners who were caught off-guard during the lockdown. Alumni, partner-institutions, along with the skills and talents of our faculty and personnel were able to fabricate face shields, disinfectant mats, and others that were given to our frontliners as immediate assistance. We came through for our students who were stranded in the midst of the province-wide lockdown. We did not leave any student behind and ensured their safe return from their families. Food, donations, and other forms of assistance followed through the initiatives of various units, colleges and alumni. This resulted in an enhanced and widespread COVID19 assistance. We opened our doors to our medical frontliners and offered our grounds and dormitories even in our external campuses. The Bayanihan spirit was so much more felt and is infinitely alive in the hearts of every BUeño.
Now, on our 51st  founding anniversary, we call on this same communal spirit of sharing and service as we take on the celebratory cry of “Pag-andurog” to our students and frontliners. BUrugkos, BUrunyog sa Pag-andurog sa Panahon nin Pandemyan – reflecting the spirit of unity and oneness, we call on the entire Bicol University family to extend your help – to share and serve – as change agents for social transformation and development. As we give due honor to our frontliners, we are likewise keeping in mind the travails and despair, the joys and hopes, the cry and anguish of our students in keeping with the sudden change in learning and living. Your Bicol University Cares – and this is not just mere lip service. We walk our talk as we are launching later on the Social Service Program for Tabang sa Pag-adal. We are not indifferent to your plight, dear students; because we care more than you would ever realize. 

We may be in the midst of this pandemic storm. But we don’t just sit and lick our wounds. We are after all, a resilient people. We think of ways and means to help ourselves and to help others more. That is the Bicol University spirit infused in every BU scholar and in every faculty and personnel. And this is what we bring out best as we celebrate and look back at our moments and continue to look ahead and live our dreams for Bicol University.  
BUrugkos, BUrunyog sa Pagandurog sa Panahon nin Pandemya is the celebratory cry of the Bicol University family. Should we not celebrate? Perhaps not in the usual way we often look up to in terms of celebration. But the spirit of service and helping where we are most needed is always worthy of being celebrated.

As one Bicol University family, let us continue living our dreams and helping others to live theirs and build more dreams together. 

Congratulations to all of us and Happy 51st Founding Anniversary, dear Bicol University!