President's Corner

Arnulfo Mateum Mascariñas, Ph. D.
SUC President IV

Christmas 2020

Friday January 15,2021

Today, unlike the past years, our halls are silent. We are more subdued and restrained in our celebrations. Personally, I am missing so much the yearly Christmas gathering of my beloved Bicol University family. Still, here we are – together, healthy, and alive – which is worthy of a meaningful celebration. I guess, Christmas finally caught up with us; for in spite of the pandemic, even in the midst of a series of storms that left us literally in darkness, here we are, celebrating Christmas.

The best gift in these pandemic times, would always be the gift of self – of one’s loving presence and generous heart.  Thank you my Bicol University family for the gift of your presence and the beauty of your hearts expressed in prayers of joy and thanksgiving for the many wonderful blessings that we have received this year. But as we celebrate, as we enjoy each other’s company, in a more subdued and restrained manner, as we partake of the blessings of food and people, let us never forget our colleagues and those who are suffering and cannot fully feel the joy of the Christmas Season.


Let us always include them in our thoughts and prayers that whatever they are doing at the moment, wherever they are, and whatever circumstance they may be facing, all will be well. As long as Christ is in our hearts, there will always be a reason to celebrate Christmas! As long as there is Christ, there will always be Christmas.


May this Christmas Season bring us the spirit of joy and compassion as we look forward to a grace-filled and pandemic-free world!


Merry Christmas!