Online Teaching Effectiveness Evaluation Step-by-Step Procedure

Wednesday October 19,2016

A student can fill out the Online Teaching Effectiveness Evaluation (NBC 461) by following the general procedure below:

Step 1.  Access your Official BU email account.

Step 2.  Fill out the Application Form.

Step 3.  Submit your evaluation.

Please read the step-by-step instructions while filling out the Evaluation Form.


1. Access your Official BU email account

Before proceeding with the steps below, please make sure that you already have an email account that you can use during the evaluation of the Teaching Effectiveness or the NBC 461. Please contact BU Information Management Office for any problem(s) encountered or clarifications regarding your email and the evaluation form by calling +63-052-4800973 to 74 or email us at

• Access your Official Email Account at


• Open the NBC 461 email sent by anyone of the following: for College of Arts and Letters (CAL) students for College of Education (CE) students for College of Engineering (CENG) students for College of Industrial Technology (CIT)students for College of Social Sciences and Philosophy(CSSP) students for College of Business Economics & Management (CBEM) students for College of Nursing (CN) students for College of Medicine (CM) students for Institute of Physical Education, Sports & Recreation (IPESR) students for Institute of Architecture (IA) students for Tabaco Campus (TC) students for Gubat Campus (GC) students


• To activate your Online Evaluation (NBC 461) Form, click the Fill Out Form button provided in the email.


2. Fill out the Teaching Effectiveness (NBC 461) Evaluation for

• Fill out the necessary information.

Note: Filling out the fields with * (Asterisk) is REQUIRED.



• Continue filling out the necessary details, filling up of the Name of the Evaluator is OPTIONAL.


3. Submit evaluation.

• Review your evaluation, then Click the SUBMIT button.


• After submitting the form, Google will send a notification that your response has been recorded.