BU adopts 'assisted' for second sem; abadons ORS

Friday January 8,2021

Due to the problems encountered by Bicol University (BU) students in accessing the BU Online Registration System (BU-ORS) during the enrollment for the first semester, an “assisted enrollment” for the second semester will be adopted by the university.

“Last August 3, it was enrollment time and we faced many problems. Students, as well, faced many problems. So, in order to avoid the same experience, what we plan to do for the second semester is assisted enrollment,” Dr. Amelia Dorosan, BU vice president for academic affairs, said.

According to Dorosan, all college registrars will pre-register the students. Students will be asked to answer a survey via Google Forms or paper and pen. This survey is intended to authorize BU to enroll the students for the second semester. Submission of the Assisted Enrollment Form is from December 23, 2020 to January 4, 2021.

The survey form will be asking two questions. The first question is “are you enrolling in Bicol University this second semester?” The second question is “will you authorize Bicol University to enroll you for the second semester?”

If a student answered no to any of the two questions, they will be asked to provide a reason as to why they are not enrolling in BU.

Once the student answered yes to both questions and submitted the survey, they are automatically enrolled. Electronic copies of the students’ Certificate of Registration (COR) can be accessed in their respective ORS accounts starting January 11, 2021.

Students who cannot access the Google Forms can answer the survey by proceeding to any guardhouse of the BU campuses. They will be provided a paper and pen to answer the one-page survey. Students may proceed to any campus within their locality to answer the survey regardless of their colleges or courses.

“We are doing this because we wanted to facilitate the process for all students. In that way wala na tayong problema,” Dorosan said.

Meanwhile, a separate guideline will be issued for new students who will enroll in the Graduate School, Open University, and Certificate or Diploma Programs.

You may read the entire administrative order issued by the university discussing this matter in this link: https://bit.ly/34JH3Ki

Written by Cathrynn Miraña
Written by The Bicol Universitarian