Wednesday September 23,2020

In collaboration with the official college student publication of Bicol University College of Arts and Letters (BUCAL) – Budyong Online and as part of #BUat51 celebration, we present you our featured topic for today – BU HYMN: A SOUL TO BUEÑOS written by Jona Mae Camacho and Dany Lozada

It is through every university hymn that a scholar’s loyalty and sense of belonging is being empowered. The pride to be honed by our beloved Alma Mater is enough to keep us singing. A lot of hymns over the Philippines with historical emphasis and valuable definitions, and this of Bicol University (BU) — the premiere state university of Bicol region, is essentially distinct. 

“This is a school we wish to sing of, a school to honor and revere.”
The Bicol University Hymn was composed by Bobbie A. Garcia back in 1969. He was still teaching at the Bicol Teachers College (former Bicol University) when he was tasked to write the hymn at a faculty meeting. Garcia presented the song he composed in 1971 but was recognized as the university hymn by former university president Dr. Fay Lauraya on the 40th founding anniversary of BU. 
"We all shall cherish what you've taught us, that you wholeheartedly gave forth."
Garcia has dedicated many of his years in the university as a student, from elementary and up to graduate school. He was also one of the many outstanding alumni of the institution. 

“I graduated in 1965 and was awarded the Most Outstanding Student Plaque, the first since the establishment of the college, and I wanted to also show what I could do,” he said in an interview. 
The burning gratitude for the university was Garcia’s driving force to create such a beautiful piece, which now serves as an identity of his Alma Mater. “I was tasked to make it and was honored...suffice that the academic community wanted to trust me with it,” Garcia said. 

“For thee we’ll always be united, although we thread on distant lands.”
As Bicol University celebrates its 51st founding anniversary with the theme, "Burugkos, Burunyog sa Pag-andurog sa panahon nin Pandemya,” we again, carry with us the thought of our hymn that although we are totally diverse and came from distant lands, the character and motivation of being a Bueño direct our path into a unified and solid body.

"Bicol University, burning torch of wisdom, fount' of courage, hope and love, seat of truth and light."
Unquestionably, the Bicol University Hymn is a soul that we embody at our very first step in the institution until the day we are prepared and honed to be the new change agents of this generation. It empowers us with the voice of love and gratitude, that we endlessly offer to our beloved Alma Mater. 
Graphics by: Ma. Angelica Columna 
Prepared by: Budyong Online