FRESHtival: BUCS spearheads online orientation, welcome party

Friday August 28,2020


Bicol University College of Science (BUCS) College Student Council (CSC) spearheaded an online freshmen orientation and welcome party via Facebook live last August 23, 2020.

The onset implementation of online classes in BU did not prohibit the CSC officers led by Cyrus Christian Lee, along with the CS administration, from making it possible for the first year students to experience what the college has to offer through a pioneer activity dubbed as “FRESHtival”.

Bannering the theme "Sinugdanan: Embracing the New Normal", students were able to catch a glimpse of the College Based Organizations, Publication, and University Based Organizations through a comprehensive presentation of all the opportunities currently available in the university.

Aside from the freshmen orientation, the welcome party was also able to commence through sub-events like the Virtual College Tour, Online Bingo, ‘Let’s Go Quizzical’, Ask Any Buddy, ‘Triviyuuuuuh Oh Yeah: Quiz Bee’, and Leave a Kindat Challenge.

In the earlier part of the event, Dean of BUCS Prof. Jocelyn E. Serrano explained that despite CS having been established on the year 2004, science programs were already within the university from the oldest degree program, Bachelor of Science (BS) in Biology, to the most recent undergraduate program, BS Meteorology which was established last Academic Year 2018-2019. In 2015 BUCS also offered two MS degree programs MS in Biology under the Dept. of Biology and Master in Information Systems under the Dept. of Computer Science and Information Technology.

Serrano also added that BUCS, as the nucleus of the university in science and technology, is ready to gear up its students to become the future professionals of their respective fields.

“I welcome you all to the school year 2020-2021 facing a new normal, a challenge that besets us, your professors and the learners as well. But rest assured that the college of science is here to guide you, to nurture, to make you happy, and to make you feel at home though we are in a virtual world.” Serrano said in her welcome remarks.

Meanwhile, BUCS Associate Dean Dr. Lany Maceda expressed that within the college, 'we are family'.

"... and as family, you can always bear in mind the African proverb, that if you want to go fast, go alone; if you want to go far, go together." Maceda added.

Currently, the FRESHtival is the second major event of the BUCS CSC officers, and like the previous event, it favorably concluded with a success, gaining positive feedbacks from the students.

Gian Carlo Bausing, first year BS Meteorology said that the freshtival was highly interactive among senior students and frosh. He added that it proves that there is little to no barrier between generation of CSians.

"Madami po ako natutunan sa campus freshtival. Sa orientation po such yung different courses inside the campus and their roles in the society, the different clubs and organizations and yung importance po ng campus publication. Yung "let's get quizical" po puno ng trivia and andami pong natutunan as the game progressed" Bausing said.

Welcome party and orientation were included in the events that were decided to be taken in a virtual platform considering the new normalcy.

"YES! It’s has been a part of the CSian culture to welcome freshmen with open arms and this pandemic will not stop us from doing so." Lee said on an interview with Scientia.

According to Lee, they are still planning for the events this first semester. He added that they are carefully and strategically thinking relevant activities that will be catered to all the students of BUCS. (Jose Joseph Ongonion, Nomer Marco)