Soft shelled crab production, crab cattening training workshop held in BUTC

Wednesday February 21,2018

A Training Workshop on Soft Shelled Crab Production and Crab Fattening (SSCP-CF) for Municipal Fisherfolk of Lagonoy Gulf for Livelihood was conducted by the Fisheries Department of Bicol University Tabaco Campus in partnership with DA-BFAR last February 7-9, 2018 at Dean Geronimo Lavilla Hall Bicol University Tabaco Campus.

The training workshop was attended by 50 participants. The participants were representatives from different municipalities of Malilipot, Bacacay and Sto. Domingo. Prof. Grace P. Brizuela, Head-Fisheries Department gave the overview of the training-workshop and acknowledgement of participants.

The training-workshop was a three day activity, on the first day various lecture presentations were given by the different reputable speaker. The first speaker was Prof. Grace B. Brizueala, the project leader were she discussed about the overview and prospects of the Mangrove Crab Industry. Her presentation was followed by Mrs. Carmela Z. Eubion, Sr. Aquaculturist BFAR- NBFTDC who discussed the life history and Biology of Mangrove Crabs.

On the other hand, the lecture on Soft-shelled Mangrove Crab Production and Management was given by Mrs. Florida C. Dieta, supervising Aquaculturist BFAR NBFTDC. She provided a discussion on things to consider in site selection and suitability requirements, pontoon design, construction and instillation. She also discussed about preparation of crab trays, crab selection and stocking. Monitoring, feeding, harvesting and freezing of soft shell crab and crab fattening were also discussed. The lecture on Aquasilviculture with emphasis on Crabs and Polyculture system and Crab Fattening were given by Mrs. Aida S. Andayog, ACC II/RFRDC Manager BFAR RO5.

February 8, 2018, 2nd day of the training-workshop, Practical Activities in Mr. Homer’s Frias Fishpond Ginamaan, Bagacay, Legazpi City were done by participants which was facilitated by the different reputable speaker. The facilitators were Mrs. Florida C. Dieta, Prof. Grace B. Brizuela , Mrs. Carmela Z. Eubion and Mrs. Aida S. Andayog. Pontoon Construction and Instillation were some of the activities done  by the participants.

Furthermore, Record Keeping and Financial Analysis were discussed by Prof. Emmanuel B. Burcer, Entrepreneurship Department on the last day of the Training- workshop. The participants were also asked with their impression on the activities that has been conducted. The three day activity was moderated by Prof. Karen Boots Brinas, Faculty Member BUTC. Jonalyn Cortezano/BUTC