Emblems of Dreams

Tuesday September 22,2020

In collaboration with Official College Student Publication of Bicol University College of Business, Economics, and Management (BUCBEM)– The Appraiser Online we present you our featured topic for today – emblems of dreams. 
As we celebrated the 51st Founding Anniversary of Bicol Univeristy, let us familiarize ourselves with the meaningful symbols within each emblem where the Bicol University and the dreams of every BUeño are symbolically imbedded. 
These three emblems are the Bicol University seal, the mace, and academic medallion – represents us.
For additional information, caption for each photo is provided. 
Padayon, Bicol University!
Padayon, mga Isko ng Bayan!
Happy 51st Founding Anniversary, Bicol University!
BUrugkos, BUrunyog sa PAG-ANDUROG sa Panahon nin Pandemya
Arts and Graphics by Aron Anastacio, Jeremiah Cordial, Maedhyne Alim, John Owen Pamplona. 
Prepared by: The Appraiser Online.

As a distinguishing mark of Bicol University, a closer look to this logo reveals both Bicolano identity and the university’s mandate. 
Six scallops – 6 Bicol provinces
Mayon Volcano – geographical landmark 
Abaca as a major industry in the region 
Banner with torch and book – excellence in the pursuit of humanitarian ideals. 
Circle – perception, objectivity, and involvement in developing the character of a total man
1969 – Bicol University was established through RA 5521
Aqua blue – the university’s ideals and vision
Gray – universal truths united in diversity
Orange – knowledge and wisdom

This is the symbol of the authority of the President of Bicol University. The metallic head is a 13-cm medallion with the Bicol University seal at the center, and a lace of leaves, circle of rope and diadem of laurel leaves surrounding it. Holding the medallion is a 53-cm long wooden handle rounded with four golden rings.

This 104-cm academic medallion is an engraved representation of Bicol University. It is composed chained pendants etched with the logo of the respective colleges of the university. The main medal in the middle, measuring 7 cm – 8.5 cm in diameter, is the Bicol University Seal. 
Extending from its left to the right are smaller medals arranged as follows:  Gubat Campus, Institute of Physical Education, Sports and Recreation, Institute of Architecture, Polangui Campus, College of Science, College of Social Sciences, and Philosophy, Graduate School, College of Nursing, Tabaco Campus, College of Medicine, College of Industrial Technology, College of Engineering, College of Education, College of Business, Economics, and Management, College of Arts and Letters, College of Agriculture and Forestry.