Thursday September 24,2020

In collaboration with the official college student publication of Bicol University College of Engineering – The Gearcast, we present you our featured topic for today – The Centennial Tree or also known as "CenTree".

As we celebrate the 51st Founding Anniversary of Bicol University, let us remember the biggest tree that became part of every BU students' lives way back.

This 105-year-old tree had fallen way back 2014 by typhoon Glenda and is one of the biggest damage not just to the university but also to the hearts of its beloved students.

For additional information, read the caption for each photo below. 

Padayon, Bicol University!
Padayon, mga Isko ng Bayan!
Happy 51st Founding Anniversary, Bicol University!
BUrugkos, BUrunyog sa PAG-ANDUROG sa Panahon nin Pandemya

Arts and Graphics by April Joy Bronia

Prepared by: The Gearcast


The 105-year-old landmark of Bicol Universitty, fondly called the Centennial tree or “CenTree” is considered by BUeños as the greatest damage inflicted by Typhoon Glenda on the University. 

The Tree, was planted in 1909 during American Occupation. Since then, it had stood tall and mighty, a silent witness to the unraveling of the history of Bicol University.


Unfortunately, the beloved century tree finally succumbed to nature’s wrath. In July 2014, it was felled at the height of typhoon Glenda. 

Thus, whilst the Century Tree had lived its time, the Bicol University Graduate School continues to affirm its roots, gain ground and soar high as a leader in graduate education as it gets on in years.  

USC paid tribute to the tree on July 28, 2014 through a short program where students shared experiences and memories connected to the tree. Candles were lit in honor of the tree.