BU launches Capability Building on Flexible Learning

Monday July 20,2020

In order to prepare the faculty members for the opening of classes amid the pandemic, Bicol University (BU) is holding a series of online training workshops for the University Capability Building on Flexible Learning.

The training runs for eight days from July 13 to 22 through teleconferencing via Google meet and Zoom meeting. In the morning, the Training Management Team and a pool of resource persons will provide a talk on topics related to flexible learning. While in the afternoon, workshops will be conducted at the college, institute, or department levels to revise syllabi and write course guides and modules.

To ensure proper coordination among the different colleges and departments, a Training Management Team (TMT) was assigned, pool of faculty resource persons was identified, and the deans and directors, as well as the department chairpersons, are directed to provide leadership conduct of the training following the training design and guidelines for the university capability building and flexible learning. 

The TMT was headed by Vice President for Academic Affairs (VPAA) Dr. Helen M. Llenaresas along with Dr. Reina O. Habalo, Dr. Jonathan C. Arroco, Engr. Medel E. Aligan, and Engr. Oliver E. Aligan. 

To ensure the manageability of the participants as well as activities and maximize time and output, the different colleges were clustered into four groups.

Cluster 1 consists of College of Industrial Technology (CIT), College of Engineering (CEng), Institute of Architecture (IA), and Polangui Campus with 170 participants.

Cluster 2 consists of College of Education (CE), College of Arts and Letters (CAL), and Institute of Physical Education Sports and Recreation (IPESR) with 150 participants.

Cluster 3 consists of College of Science (CS), College of Nursing (CN), College of Medicine (CM), College of Agriculture and Forestry (CAF), and Tabaco Campus (TC) with 192 participants.

Cluster 4 consists of College of Social Sciences and Philosophy (CSSP), College of Business Economics and Management (CBEM), Gubat Campus (GC), Open University (OU), and Jesse M. Robredo Institute of Governance and Development (JMRIGD) with 108 participants.

All faculty members, part-time or regular, were advised to observe proper protocol in attending the online training workshop.