Administrative Council

 Name Position  Telephone No.                Email
Dr. Luis R. Amano Director, R&D Management Division
Director, CHED's Higher Education Regional Research Center
(052) 742-1909
Dr. Lester M. Narvaez Director, Extension Management Division

(052) 742-1544
(052) 742-0947
Engr. Christopher O. Pacardo Director, Intellectual Property Management Division
Concurrent Manager, Innovation and Technology Support Office
(052) 742-2587
Prof. Ida Francia H. Revale Director, Regional Center for Food Safety and Quality Assurance(RFSQA)
Dr. Arnulfo P. Malinis Director, Center for Technology Commercialization and Enterprises Development(CTCED) (052) 742-2587
Dr. Rebecca Rosario O. Bercasio Director, Center for Teaching Excellence (CTE) (052) 483-0487
Prof. Ma. Elaine I. Salazar Director, Center for Gender and Development    
Dr. May Antoinette S. Imran Director, Language Center (052) 742-0947  
Ms. Rosario C. Frick Director, University Guidance Center (052) 820-4768
Dr. Reina O. Habalo Director, ETEEAP
Dr. Marissa N. Estrella Director, BCAARRD (052) 481-2101
Prof. Laarni D. Pancho Director, Information and Communication Technology Office (052) 480-0973
(052) 480-0974
Prof. Medel E. Aligan Director, Internal Quality Assurance Office
Director, ZONAL Computerization Center
Dr. Dimson M. Rivero Director, International Relations Office (052) 481-1389
Prof. Magnolia Vida A. Cano Director, Regional Center for Science and Mathematics Education(RCSMED) (052) 742-1803
Prof. Domingo Ll. Nace Director, National Service Training Program (052) 481-3645
Prof. Michael V. Montealegre Director, BCHRD (052) 742-4291
Dr. Renelyn E. Bautista Director, Communication and Public Relations Office
Dr. Rosana L. Madrona Director, Alumni Relations Office
Dr. Celerino Palacio University Sports Development Coordinator
Dr. Hazel Vergara Dean, Office of Admissions (052) 483-0719
Dr. Baby Boy Benjamin Nebres III Dean, Office of Student Services (052) 824-3899

Dr. Baby Boy Benjamin Nebres III

University Scholarship & Grant-in-Aid Officer (052) 824-3899
Prof. Ma. Janesa A. Reyes Director, Bicol Regional Food Innovation and Commercialization Center(BRFICC)    
Dr. Julio M. Abainza University Health Services    
Ana Marie R. Abante Director, Office of Resource Generation and Physical Assets Management of BU    
Dr. Viola L. Amano Director, Business Affair Office    
Atty. Joseph L. Bartolata Dean, BU Open University    
Engr. Ulysses R. Bello Director, Physical Development and Management Office    
Ma. Julieta B. Borres Director, Procurement Management Office 742-59-22
Carlos V. Cortex, Jr. Director, Publication and Knowledge Management Office    
Marissa N. Estrella Director, BCAARRD    
Ana Linda G. Marcellana Director, University Student Welfare Service    
Erwin E. Torres Director, Planning and Development    
Ma. Victoria M. Olaguer University Librarian    
Sophia Romero University Registrar    
Ma. Joselyn J. Paje President, BUUFAI (non-voting)    
Mr. Salvador Bilono President, BU-ANTS (non-voting)    
Mr. Ian Ivan S. Baria President,University Student  Council (non-voting)