Heads of Offices

 Name of Head Office Telephone No.  Email
Office of the President (OP)
Dr. Arnulfo M. Mascariñas Office of the President (052) 480-0167 ammascarinas@bicol-u.edu.ph
Dr. Reina O. Habalo Presidential Management Staff Office (PMSO) (052) 480-0167 reinahabalo@bicol-u.edu.ph
Atty. Norly P. Reyes University and Board Secretary (UBS) (052) 480-0181 norlypreyes@gmail.com
Atty. Daryl B. Alfante Legal Affairs Office (052) 480-5464  
Dr. Dimson M. Rivero International Relations Office (IRO) (052) 481-1389 internationalrelationsoffice@bicol-u.edu.ph
Dr. Renelyn E. Bautista Communication and Public Relations Office (CPRO)   renelynbautista428@yahoo.com
Mr. Cyrus A. Barrameda Internal Audit Service (IAS) (052) 480-1898 cyrus_bu.14@yahoo.com
Prof. Charina J. Cipcon Alumni Relations Office (ARO)    
Prof. Laarni D. Pancho Information and Communication Technology Office(ICTO) (052) 480-0973  
Office of the Vice President for Administration and Finance (OVPAF)
Atty. Joseph L. Bartolata Office of the VP for Administration and Finance (052) 480-0176 bu-vpa@bicol-u.edu.ph
Atty. Norly P. Reyes Administrative Services (052) 480-0182 norlypreyes@gmail.com
Dr. Jennifer T. Barrameda Human Resource Management and Development Office(HRMDO) (052) 480-0451 bumainhrmo@yahoo.com
Mr. Benjamin P. Payonga Supply and Property Managment Office (SPMO) (052) 480-0451  
Mr. Edgardo O. Sevilla Motorpool Service Office (MSO) (052) 480-0182  
Dr. Ma. Julieta B. Borres Procurement Management Office    
Mr. Romeo L. Rognao Security Services Office (SSO)    
Atty. Loyd P. Casais Financial Management Division (FMD) (052) 480-7973 loydpcasais_lpc@yahoo.com
Ms. Crisanta A. Botin Budget Office (BO) (052) 480-0580  botincrisanta@yahoo.com
Mr. Joseph S. Lopera Accounting Office (AO) (052) 480-7973 josephlopera0329@yahoo.com
Ms. Cheryl R. Del Prado Cashier's Office (CO) (052) 480-0498  
Mr. Benigno O. Austero BAC Secretariat Office (052) 480-3264  
Mr. Rolly Gonzales Security Services Office    
Mr. Jessel Opeña General Services Office    
Mr. Lyndon Bailon University Sports Development Program    
Office of the Vice President for Academic Affairs (OVPAA)
Dr. Helen M. Llenaresas Office of the VP for Academic Affairs (052) 480-0179 hmllenaresas@bicol-u.edu.ph
Engr. Medel E. Aligan Internal Quality Assurance Office (IQAO) (052) 480-0179  
Ms. Hennie Lomibao Admission Office (052) 483-0719 hazelvergara@yahoo.com
Ms. Sophia A. Romero University Registrar's Office (URo) (052) 480-0757
(052) 742-6477
Dr. BB Benjamin D. Nebres III Office of Students Affairs and Services (OSAS) (052) 480-0373 bu_oss@yahoo.com
Ms. Ma. Victoria M. Olaguer University Library Service (LS) (052) 481-7481  
Dr. Julio M. Abainza University Health Services (UHS) (052) 480-0462  
Dr. Irene R. Moral Language Center (052) 481-5279  
Prof. Gerardo O. Ocfemia National Service Training Program (NSTP)    
Office of the Vice President for Research, Development and Extension (OVPRDE)
Dr. Amelia A. Dorosan Office of the VP for Research, Development and Extension    
Dr. Luis O. Amano R&D Management Division (RDMD) (052) 742-1909 capamano@yahoo.com
Dr. Lester M. Narvaez Extension Management Division (EMD) (052) 472-1544
(052) 742-0947
Dr. Nicanor B. Balbin Intellectual Property Management Division (IPMD) (052) 742-2587 ykbala@gmail.com
Mr. Jonathan Jaime Guerrero Publication and Knowledge Management Division    
Prof. Ida Francia H. Revale Regional Center for Food and Safety and Quality Assurance (RFSQA)   idafhrev@yahoo.com
Dr. Arnulfo  P. Malinis Center for Technology Commercialization and Enterprises (CTCED) (052) 742-2587  
Dr. Rebecca Rosario O. Bercasio Center for Teaching Excellence    
Dr. Noel Rafer Center for Gender and Development    
Ms. Maria Eden Ante Regional Center for Science and Mathematics Education (RCSMED) (052) 742-2707  
Prof. Carlos V. Cortez Jr. Special Project Preparation Office    
Office of the Vice President for Planning and Development (OVPPD)
Prof. Jerry S. Bigornia  Office of the VP for Planning and Development (052) 820-6103


Prof. Alwin Joseph M. Maceres

Planning and Development Office (PDO)  


Engr. Ulysses R. Bello Physical Development and Maintenance Office (PDMO) (052) 480-0460 ullyses_bello@yahoo.com
Dr. Viola L. Amano Business Affairs Office (BAO) (052) 742-2707 viola.amano@yahoo.com.ph
Engr. Ana R. Abante Resource Generation and  Physical Assets Management Office    

Board of Regents

Administration Officials

Chief of Office

College Officials

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