Japanese doctor donates books anew to BUCM
The Bicol University College of Medicine received a total of 261 medical books on surgery, microbiology, pharmacology and other related topics from Dr. Nagato Azuma of Japan for May and July 2016. These are as follows: MAY 2016
  1. Robert Burns, Ph.D. & M. Donald Cave, PhD: Mosby’s USMLE Step 1 Review. Histology and Cell Biology. ©1996
  2. Kate M. Baldwin, et. al.: Wheater’s Review of Histology and Basic Pathology. ©2010
  3. Praveen Kumar & Vandana Puri: Complete Review of Pathology (With Interactive DVD-ROM). ©2015
  4. Bruce A. Fenderson & Raphael Rubin: Lippincott’s Review of Pathology. Illustrated Interactive Q & A. ©2007
  5. Cory A. Roberts: Pathology. Medical Student USMLE Board Part 1. Pearls of Wisdom. ©2000
  6. Nitin Chawla & Sandip Kudesia: Review in Pathology. Student’s Companion. ©2014
  7. Edward C. Klatt, M.D. & Vinay Kumar, M.D., F.R.C.Path.: Robbins Review of Pathology.©2000
  8. Carolyn Compton: Pathologic Basis of Disease: Self Assessment and Review. 4th Edition. ©1995
  9. Louis Depalma, MD & Kurt E. Johnson, Ph.D.: Pathology: Review for USMLE, Step 1. 2nd ©2007
  10. Edison Catalano, MD: Appleton & Lange Review of General Pathology. 4th Edition.©2003
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  13. Ashfaq UI Hassan, et. al.: USMLE Pathology.2015. ©2014
  14. Henry Sanchez, M.D.: USMLE Step 1 Lecture Notes 2016. Pathology. ©2016
  15. Atul Anand, et.al.: Crash Course. Pathology.3rd Edition. ©2007
  16. Prithwiraj Maiti. A Practical Handbook of Pathology. Specimens and Slides. ©2015
  17. George R. Wettach, et. al.: USMLE Road Map. Pathology. ©2009
  18. Mrinalini Sant. MCQ? Pathology. ©2013
  19. Simon C. Cross: MCQ Companion to General and Systematic Pathology. 3rd Edition.©2000
  20. Georgina Garcia: USMLE Step 1 Review. BrainChip for Pathology. ©2002
  21. Robert M. Klein & George C. Enders: Anatomy, Histology & Cell Biology. Pre-Test Self Assessment and Review. Fourth Edition. ©2010
  22. Aida Lai: Essential Concepts in Anatomy and Pathology for Undergraduate Revision.©2010
  23. Nafis Ahmad Faruqi & Arsalan Moinuddin: Self-Assessment in Human Anatomy. ©2010
  24. John Pegington: Multiple Choice Questions in Anatomy (With Answers and Explanatory Comments). ©1989
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  4. Edward J. Evans, et. al.: Clinical Anatomy.©2012
  5. Helen Butler, et. al.: Student Success in Anatomy – SBAs and EMQs. ©2012
  6. Reuben Johnson: Anatomy Tutor for Surgeons in Training. A Multiple-Choice Tutor in Anatomy.©2003
  7. Ghulam Hasson, et. al.: Quick Review in Anatomy 2014-2015. ©2014
  8. Phillip Ameerally, et. al.: Anatomy. ©2000
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  11. Stephen Goldberg, M.D. Clinical Anatomy Made Rediculously Simple. Second Edition.©2002
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  15. Anthony Moore, Ph.D.: Mosby’s USMLE Step 1 Review. Anatomy. ©1997
  16. Qaiyum and C. Wakeley: MCQ’s in Anatomy for Part 1 FRCR. ©2000
  17. Stanley Monkhouse: Clinical Anatomy. A Core Tet with Self-Assessment. ©2001
  18. Richard S. Snell: Clinical Neuroanatomy. An Illustrated Review with Questions and Explanations. 3rd Edition. ©2001
  19. Wayne Lambert & Lawrence E. Wineski: Lippincott’s Illustrated Q & A Review of Anatomy & Embryology. ©2011
  20. Britt Wilson, Ph. D., et.al.: Physiology. USMLE Step 1 Lecture Notes 2016. ©2016
  21. Charles H. Tadlock: Physiology. An Illustrated Review with Questions and Explanations. Second Edition. ©1996
  22. S. Bhatia: MCh Entrance Examination in Pediatric Surgery. Second Edition. ©2012
  23. Eugene D. McGahren & William G. Wilson: Pediatrics Recall. Fourth Edition.
  24. Clark Hansbarger: Pediatrics. 700 Questions & Answers. 9th Edition. ©1995
  25. A. Khan & H. Pandya: OSCEs in Paediatrics. ©1999
  26. Hira Bhalla & Deepak Mishra: Pediatrics & Neonatology. Self Assessment & Review. 4th Edition. ©2012
  27. Camille Sabella, M.D., et. al.: The Cleveland Clinic Intensive Review of Pediatrics. ©2003
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  29. William G. Cvetnic, M.D., et.al.: USMLE Step 2 CK Pediatrics Lecture Notes.©2014
  30. Allan Siegel: Neuroscience. PreTest Self-Assessment and Review. Seventh Edition.©2010
  31. Eugene C. Toy, et. al.: Case Files Neuroscience. ©2009
  32. Matthew Tremblay: Deja Review Neuroscience. Second Edition. ©2010
  33. Larry R. Squire: The History of Neuroscience in Autobiography. Volume 1. ©1996
  34. Larry R. Squire: The History of Neuroscience in Autobiography. Volume 2. ©1998
  35. Charles Faselis, MD, et. al.: Behavioral Science & Social Sciences. USMLE Step 1 Lecture Notes 2016. ©2016
  36. Tao Le, et. al.: First Aid for the Basic Sciences General Principles. Second Edition.©2012
  37. Edward D. Frohlich: Rypin’s Questions & Answers for Basic Sciences Review. 4th Edition. ©2001
  38. Tao Le, et. al.: First Aid for the Basic Sciences Organ Systems. Second Edition.©2012
  39. Jonathan Cargan. MD: The Best Test Preparation for the USMLE Step 1. ©2001
  40. Conrad Fischer, M.D.: USMLE Step 2 CK: Internal Medicine Lecture Notes. ©2014
  41. Elmar Peter Sakala, M.D., et. al.: USMLE Step 2 CK: Obstetrics & Gynecology Lecture Notes. ©2014
  42. Kaplan Medical: USMLE Step 2 CK Qbook. Sixth Edition. ©2013
  43. Carter E. Wahl: Blueprints Computer-Based Case Simulation Review. USMLE Step 3.©2005
  44. David D. K. Rolston & Craig Nielsen: Rapid Review USMLE Step 3. ©2008
  45. Mitchell H. Rosner: Review for USMLE Step 3. 3rd Edition. ©2010
  46. Adam Brochert: Crush Step 3. The Ultimate USMLE Step 3 Review. 3rd Edition. ©2008
  47. John Murtagh’s: General Practice. Companion Handbook. 5th Edition. ©2011
  48. Lisa Hamzah, et.al.: EMQs for GPVTS. All Specialties. 250 topics, 1400 questions.©2006
  49. Una Coales & Seema Khan: Get Through Medical School: 1000 SBAs/BOFs and EMQs. ©2003
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  53. Ashfaq UI Hassan & Muneeb UI Hassan: Medicine Question Bank 2013-2014.©2014
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  55. Michio Kushi: Your Body Never Lies. The Complete Book of Oriental Diagnosis. ©2007
  56. S. Bhatia: Preventive and Social Medicine. 15th Edition. ©2010
  57. Richard J. Lapierre. EMT-Basic Exam. 4th Edition. ©2011
  58. Andrew Levy: A Brain Wider Than The Sky. A Migraine Diary. ©2009
  59. David Biro, MD: The Language of Pain. Finding Words, Compassion and Relief. ©2010
  60. Joseph A. Abboud, MD, et. al.: No More Joint Pain. ©2008
  61. Eugene C. Toy, MD, et. al.: Case Files: Biochemistry. 3rd Edition. ©2015
  62. Raghu: Review of Medical Biochemistry with MCQs. ©2003
  63. Dawn B. Marks: Biochemistry. 2nd Edition.©1994
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  65. Sam Turco, Ph.D., et. al.: USMLE Step 1 Lecture Notes 2016. Biochemistry and Medical Genetics. ©2016
  66. Adam Feather, et. al.: EMQs for Medical Students.Volume 1. 2nd Edition. ©2008
  67. Adam Feather, et. al.: EMQs for Medical Students. Volume 2. end Edition. ©2008
  68. Adam Feather, et. al.: EMQs for Medical Students. Practice Papers. 2nd Edition. ©2008
  69. Ranjan Kumar Patel: Pharma-Update with MCQ’s. ©2016
  70. Vikas Bhushan, et. al.: Blackwell Underground Clinical Vignettes. UCV: Pharmacology. Step 1. 4th ©2005
  71. Gada Yassin, et. al.: Pharmacology. 3rd ©2007
  72. Craig Davis, Ph.D., et. al.: USMLE Step 1 Lecture Notes 2016. Pharmacology. ©2016
  73. Peter Winstanley & Tom Walley: Master Medicine: Medical Pharmacology. 2nd ©2002
  74. S. Bhatia & Nirmaljit Kaur: CBS DM Immunology Entrance Examination. ©2011
  75. Ruth C. Matthews & James P. Burnie. MCQ Tutor: Medical Immunology. ©1984
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  79. Golder N. Wilson: Genetics. PreTest Self-Assessment and Review. 3rd Edition. ©1999
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  81. Gerald V. Stokes, Ph.D.: Microbiology: Review for USMLE, Step 1. 2nd Edition.©2002
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  83. Rachma Chaurasia & Anshul Jain: Self Assessment and Review: Microbiology,Immunology. 4th Edition. ©2009
  84. Fiona Broughton Pipkin: Medical Statistics Made Easy. ©1984
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  99. Harriet A. Washington: Medical Apartheid.The Dark History of Medical Experimentation on Black Americans from Colonial Times to the Present. ©2006
  100. Eugene C. Toy, M.D., et. al.: Case Files. Medical Ethics & Professionalism. ©2015
  101. Keith Amarakone, et. al.: Crash Course: Ethics and Human Sciences. ©2006
  102. S. Negi: Essential MCQs on Biostatistics and Epidemiology (For MBBS, PGMEE & USMLE). ©2006
  103. K. Asthana: Radiological Anatomy.
  104. Alan Stevens & James Lowe: Histology Picture Tests. ©1992
  105. A. B. Anup, MD: ABG Blood Gases Made Easy. ©2007
  106. HLC Beynon, et. al.: Data Interpretation Questions and Case Histories. MRCP Part 2. 2nd Edition. ©1998
  107. Narinder Bajaj, et. al.: Self-Assessment for the MRCP Part 2. Written Paper: Volume 1 Picture Tests. ©2002
  108. Narinder Bajaj, et. al.: Self-Assessment for the MRCP Part 2. Written Paper: Volume 2 Case Histories. ©2002
  109. Balwinder Bajaj, et. al.: Self-Assessment for the MRCP Part 2. Written Paper: Volume 3 Data Interpretation. ©2002
  110. Vernon C. Marshall, MBBS, FRACS, FACS, et. al.: Handbook of Multiple Choice Questions. The Essential Study Guide for the MCQ Examination. ©2009
  111. Arthur Hailey: The Final Diagnosis. ©1959
  112. Michael Ruhlman: Walk on Water. Inside an Elite Pediatric Surgical Unit. ©2003
  113. Jerome Groopman, M.D.: How Doctors Think. ©2007
  114. Amy Mindell: The Dreaming Source of Creativity. 30 Creative and Magical Ways to Work on Yourself. ©2005
  115. Gavin DeBecker: Protecting the Gift. Keeping Children and Teenagers Safe (And Parents Sane). ©1999
  116. Elizabeth Cottrell: The Medical Student’s Survival Guide 1: The Early Years. ©2007
  117. Kenneth D. Somers, Ph.D. & Stephen A.Morse, MSPH, PH.D.: Microbiology & Infectious Diseases Flashcards. 2nd
  118. The Princeton Review: Essential Anatomy Flashcards.
  119. Joel A. Vilensky: Photographic Anatomy Flashcards.

Variety of medical books donated to BUCM are displayed at the new Learning Resource Center (LRC) of the College for students use. Photo by: Christine Z. Andes/BUCM

JULY 2016
  1. Sakshi Arora, et.al.: Review of All India, AIIMS All Atates Examination (A Treatise for NEET). Volume 1. ©2014
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