List of Books by Nagato Azuma
  1. Lii, Shaojie Handbook of acupuncture in the treatment of musculoskeletal conditions 2002
  2. Stine, Susan, ed. New treatments for opiate-dependence 1997
  3. Chitty, Antonia Complimentary therapies : the essential guide  2011
  4. Ramaiah, Savitri  All you wanted to know about acupressure in daily life 2010
  5. Ernst, Edzard Healing, hype or harm? : a critical analysis of complimentary or alternative medicine 2008
  6. Bivins, Roberta Alternative medicine : a history 2007
  7. Carlston, Michael Guides to complimentary and alternative medicine 2003
  8. *** Alternative medicine cancer therapies 2001
  9. Fraser, Romy The roots of health : realizing the potential of complimentary medicine 2001
  10. Brown, Elizabeth Alternative medicine : a step-by-step guide 1997
  11. The Burton Goldberg Group, comp. Alternative medicine : the definitive guide 1994
  12. Reader’s Digest Reader’s Digest family guide to alternative medicine 1991
  13. Mills, Simon Alternatives in healing : an open-minded approach to finding the best treatment for your health problems 1988
  14. Shreeve, Caroline The alternative dictionary of symptoms and cures : a comprehensive guide to diseases and their orthodox and alternative remedies 1986
  15. Kaptchuk, Ted The healing arts ; a journey through the faces of medicine  1986
  16. Young, Jacqueline Eastern healing : the practical guide to the healing traditions of China, India, Tibet and Japan 1993
  17. Micozzi, Marc Celestial healing : energy, mind and spirit in traditional medicines of China and East and Southeast Asia 2011
  18. Burk, Larry  Let magic happen : adventures in healing with a holistic radiologist 2012
  19. Dog, Tieraona Low Life is your best medicine : a woman’s guide to health, healing, and wholeness at every age  2012
  20. Robins, Suzanne Exploring intimacy : cultivating healthy relationships through insight and intuition 2010
  21. Ober, Clinton Earthing : the most important health discovery ever 2010 Read more…

The College of Medicine, starting with four faculty members in September 2013, was adopted by the College of Nursing and held office at the Emergency Paramedical Training Unit (EPTU). From there, it oriented potential faculty and students during the BU’s 44th Anniversary celebrations, launched the School Caravan, (visiting all of the Bicol provinces), accepted faculty applicants, went on with the half year (November to May) twice-a-month faculty development held from Friday evening to Sunday morning, finalized the curriculum, received student applications, sent faculty to visit UP Manila-College of Medicine and Ateneo de Zamboanga University School of Medicine (March), began interviewing applicants who had NMAT scores of 65 as set by the University Administrative Council, underwent research agenda setting, and signed memoranda of agreement with the Province of Albay, the Bicol Regional Training and Teaching Hospital, and the UP Manila-College of Medicine.

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