Graduate Department
This department is in-charge of the graduate and post-graduate offering of the College of Medicine including the academic management of the Master of Public Administration major in Health Emergency and Disaster Management.

Jesson V. Butcon, PhD
Graduate Program Coordinator

Ruben N. Caragay, PhD
Teresa L. Yap, PhD
Jaime Montoya, PhD
Jaime Galvez-Tan, MPH
Maria Estrella B. Litam, MBA-Health
Virgilio S. Ludovice, MPH
Luis Domingo B. Mendoza, MHA
Rogelio G. Rivera, MHA
Antonio S. Ludovice, Jr., MHA
Michael N. Navra, MAEd
Alejo S. Aralar, MPH
Elma Q. Cabrera, MSPH