1.1   General Application Policy

The BU College of Medicine follows the open admission policy in accepting students to its program granting that they have complied with the general requirements set by the Admissions Office of the university. The University reserves the right to refuse admission to any applicant who does not conform to these requirements.

1.2   Committee on Admissions

This committee has the authority to determine the criteria for selection and to recommend who from among the applicants are qualified for admission.

The college selects applicants based on intellectual and personal preparedness regardless of gender, religious and political affiliations and social status. It has the right to deny any applicant whose admission is deemed against the best interest of the College and the University.

 1.3 Application

 1.3.1 General Requirements

Any graduate or graduating student of a 4 or 5 year Baccalaureate degree in Science or Arts is eligible to apply to the College as per CHED CMO No. 10 s 2010. In addition, the applicant shall have no record of final conviction for a crime, has good moral character, has taken (or will take before June of the coming school year) the National Admissions Test (NMAT) and is willing to accept the mandatory return service in the Philippines for 2 years after graduation.

        1.3.2 Documents to be submitted
  • Accomplished application form (CM-AF)
  • 4 copies of 2X2 identical recent photo with collar on a white background
  • Certified true copy of transcript of records (partial for graduating students)
  • Certified true copy of NMAT result
  • Photocopy of NSO Birth Certificate
  • Photocopy of NBI clearance
  • Certificate of Good Moral Character from the Dean or College Counselor
  • Application fee of P1,500 receipt
Note: all documents shall be placed inside a long brown envelop and submitted to the BU Admissions Office. 1.4  Admission Process

1.4.1 General Requirements

All applicants shall be endowed with satisfactory scholastic records, sound minds and bodies and with a willingness to adhere to a healthy life style. In addition, students will sign a 2- year return service contract.

1.4.2 Students shall be evaluated based on the following:
 Eligibility Criteria [Preliminary Screening]

To be eligible for application, an NMAT score of 65 percentile or higher is required. A composite score of combined: General Weighted Average (GWA=50%), NMAT (30%) and Interview (20%) will be derived to rank applicants.
 Decision Criteria [Final Screening]

Eligible applicants are subjected to a competency interview to determine their readiness and appraise their potentials based on the entry characteristics/requirements of the program. At this stage, the panel will make qualitative evaluation and categorizes applicants in any of the categories:

-  Highly recommended [Application Successful]

-  Recommended with reservation [Waitlisted]

-  Not Recommended [Denied]


1.4.3 Once admitted, applicants shall submit the following original documents:

  • Notice of admission
  • Transcript of Records
  • NMAT result
  • NSO Birth Certificate
  • NBI clearance
  • Marriage certificate (if applicable)
  • Transfer credentials or honorable dismissal from last school attended
  • Latest Income Tax Return (ITR) of both parents (certified true copy)
  • Physical examination certificate
  • Reservation fee receipt of P10,000
1.5 Foreign and non-resident Filipinos


   In addition to the documents required of Filipino citizens, foreign students are to submit the following:

  • Notarized affidavit of support/proof of adequate financial sources or  support
  • Personal data & essay on “Why I Want To Be A Doctor”
  • Approved study permit from the Philippine Embassy
  • Application fee of US$150.000
  • Photocopies of: (originals will have to be submitted or shown once admitted)

-   Alien Certificate of Registration (ACR)

-   Birth certificate

-   Passport

-   Police clearance from area of residence

1.5.2 Once admitted, foreign students (non-Filipino citizens) shall pay a non-refundable one time payment of an Educational Development Fee of US$10,000.

           Note: all documents shall be authenticated by the Philippine embassy in country of residence

1.5.3  Other requirements

Foreign students shall acquire a student visa to study in the Philippines. For those who come from a non-English speaking country or whose medium of instruction in College is not English, proof of English proficiency shall be required (IELTS of at least 6 without any score below 4; or TOEFL not lower than 250 for paper-based test, 213 for computer-based test/79 for internet-based test or equivalent).

1.6  Other Students

1.6.1Transferees from other schools will be admitted on a case-to-case basis.

1.6.2 Students who have been dropped from the rolls of the BU College of Medicine or from any other medical school shall be denied admission to BUCM

 1.7  Stepwise Procedure for Application (for the students)

1.7.1 Fill up an application form for BUCM. This can be acquired from the University Admissions Office or the College of Medicine or downloaded at

1.7.2 Gather all required documents

1.7.3 Pay the application fee of one thousand pesos (P1,000)

1.7.4 Submit all documents to the University Admissions Office

1.7.5 Wait for notification from the Admissions Committee

1.7.6 Submit for an interview when needed

1.7.7 Wait for notification of admission or denial of admission

1.8  Stepwise Procedure for Processing Applications for Admission to the College of Medicine

1.8.1 College Admissions Committee Set the time frame for the application period, interviews and final processing of all applicants Secure the submitted application forms and documents from the University Admissions Office Compute for the applicants’ composite scores Rank all applicants and determine accepted students Submits list to Dean of College of Medicine

1.8.2 BUCM Dean certifies list of admitted students and submits list to Dean of Admissions

1.8.3 Dean of Admissions endorses list to the VPAA

1.8.4 VPAA recommends list of admitted students to the BU President

1.8.5 President approves list of accepted students

1.8.6 Dean of Admissions releases list to the public and informs accepted students

1.9  Timelines

1.9.1 Regular Application Period October – March of the preceeding school year

1.9.2 Processing of Applications    December – April (2nd week)

1.9.3 Release of accepted applicants One week to one month after interview

1.9.4 Freshmen Orientation May (last week)

1.10 Admission Procedure

1.10.1 Present notice of admission to the University Admissions Office

1.10.2 Submit all required original documents

1.10.3 Submit for a physical examination

1.10.4 Attend orientation seminar


2.0 Scholarship

2.1  Entrance Scholarships

2.1.1 Applicants who graduated with Latin honors shall be granted the following coverage for the 1st semester of Year 1:

Summa Cum Laude:                                     75% free tuition

Magna Cum Laude:                                      50% free tuition

Cum Laude:                                                  25% free tuition

2.1.2  For students with Latin honors whose NMAT scores are 95 or better (>95 percentile) shall be granted 100% free tuition for the 1st semester of Year1.

2.1.3  Entrance scholars may be converted to academic scholars following the existing guideline of the university