Joey Sarte-Salceda Scholarship Grant

Policies and Guidelines on Scholarship

The College of Medicine Scholarship and Awards Committee is a standing committee advisory to the Dean on matters related to scholarships and awards for students, faculty and non-teaching staff.

The committee must have a Chair and two members (one senior faculty; one junior faculty) who will recommend to the Dean, the guidelines on scholarships and award. Furthermore, the committee shall perform the following functions:
  1. Develop guidelines on scholarship grants for internally- and externally-funded programs and awards for academic and non-academic performance;
  2. Screen and process applications/recommendations for scholarships and awards based on approved guidelines and criteria;
  3. Recommend to the Dean list of awardees/grantees duly certified by the committee for final approval.
  4. Prepare reports related to scholarship and awards every end of semester to be submitted to the Dean and annually for publication/dissemination to the public including donors and sponsors.
  5. Consult/negotiate with possible benefactors/sponsors for specific guideline and criteria prior to implementation of the grants.
N.B. The screening and approval of grantees shall be the sole authority of Scholarship and Awards Committee. A duly authorize representative of the benefactor may participate in the interview as non-rating panel. Description of the Grant A competitive scholarship awarded to students with outstanding program of research in disaster management and climate change adaptation as applied in the health sector. The grant is PhP 35,000.00 per semester and will be awarded to two students per year using the following criteria: A resident of Albay (inclusive of the three component cities) supported by a certificate of residency from the Barangay Captain;
  • At least 90 NMAT percentile score;
  • GWA of 2.0 and no grade of 5.0 in the undergraduate program;
  • Excellent rating in the competency interview;
  • Leadership abilities/potentials demonstrated in the undergraduate studies and socio-civic engagements, and;
  • Outstanding rating of the submitted research proposal.
To retain the scholarship, the grantee must maintain at least a grade of 2.5 in all courses with no record of failure (5.0).  Procedure on Scholarship Application
  1. Applicants must have received a copy of the official Notice of Admission before submitting application for scholarship.
  2. Must complete the online application process to include Personal Statement and Proposed Research Project.
  3. Short-listed applicants are subjected to a panel interview to examine feasibility and scientific merit of the proposal and the candidate’s ability to succeed.
  4. Successful applicants will be published by the Office of the Dean of the College of Medicine for dissemination.