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Brief History

Brief History

The BUGC is an academic unit of Bicol University  instructional extension program of the university in the Province of Sorsogon, particularly in the Municipality of Gubat. The program arose out of the demand for an appropriate tertiary school in the place and the willingness of the place’s officials and residents to initially provide the logistic in the operation of the program, and the mandate and curricular capability of the university to offer tertiary education.

 Having seen the merits of the graduates extension program earlier implemented, and observing the necessity for an undergraduate program that will serve the yearly turnout of high school graduates from the secondary schools of at least four (4) contiguous towns in the area and more than fifty (50) percent of whom fail to reach college because of financial inadequacy, and confident of instructional facilities that can provided by the local government, officials and residents of the Municipality of Gubat, Sorsogon petitioned the Board of Regents of the Bicol University to open a university campus in said Municipality. 

The Bicol University Board of Regents then, through Resolution No. 29 series of 1996, approved the establishment of Bicol University Gubat Extension Program (BUGEP)  it appearing that the implementation of the program will not entail additional cost to the University and the university having the capacity through its faculty complement to pursue the program. 

Said Board Resolution provided the basis of the formulation and signing of a Memorandum of Understanding between Bicol University and the local government of Gubat. This agreement formalized the opening of the Bicol University Gubat  Extension Program (BUGEP),  where the local government, during the affectivity of the contract bears responsibility for providing budgetary requirements of the program and the university takes care of all the responsibility of all the academic necessities.

As early as May 1997, preparations for the enrollment of those who qualified in the admission examinations and the class assignments were being arranged. June 13, 1997, coinciding with the fiesta celebration of the town and the time for the presence of education-minded successful citizens of the Municipality, through simple ceremonies, the Campus was formally opened to the public. And in June 23, 1997, the first day of classes commenced.


In December 2009, R.A. 9860 was signed by the Philippines President as sponsored by Congressman Jose Solis which  formally integrates the Bicol University Gubat Extension Program (BUGEP)  to Bicol University  as one of its  campuses bearing a new name   as  the  “ Bicol University Gubat Campus (BUGC)”