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Graduate Degree Programs

The graduate degree programs offered by BU are as follows:

College of Engineering

  • Master of Science in Architecture (MS Arch)

Graduate School

    1. Doctoral Program
      • Doctor of Education major in Educational Management
      • Doctor of Philosophy in Development Management
      • Doctor of Philosophy in Educational Foundation
      • Doctor of Philosophy in Filipino
      • Doctor of Philosophy in Mathematics Education
      • Doctor of Philosophy in Peace & Security Administration
      • Doctor of Philosophy in Public Administration
    2. Master's Degree Program
      • Master of Arts in Biology Education
      • Master of arts in Chemistry Education
      • Master of Arts in Education (with 15 majors)
      • Master of Arts in Educational Management
      • Master of Arts in Industrial Education
      • Master of Arts in Literature
      • Master of Arts in Peace & Security Studies
      • Master of Arts Physics Education
      • Master of Arts in Public Administration*
      • Master of Arts in Teaching P.E.
      • Master in Economics
      • Master in Filipino
      • Master in Local Government Management*
      • Master in Management*
      • Master in Music
      • Master in Nursing
      • Master of Science in Agriculture
      • Master of Science in Fisheries
      • Master of Science in Fisheries Technology
      • Master of Science in Teaching General Science
    3. Diploma Program
      • Diploma in Energy Technology
      • Diploma in Science Education
      • Diploma in Guidance and Counselling
      • Diploma in Teaching History
      • Diploma in Reading Education
      • Diploma in Taeching TLE - IA
      • Diploma in Music Education
      • Diploma in Agriculture
      • Diploma in Entrepreneurship
      • Diploma in Cooperative Management
      • Diploma in Local Government Management
      • Diploma in Human Resource Management

* Offered also through Open University/Distance Study