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Bicol University College Entrance Test (BUCET)

The BUCET is a three-hour examination consisting of sub-tests in Non-Verbal Reasoning, Language Proficiency in English and Filipino, Mathematics, Science and Reading Comprehension.

General Requirements:

Graduates of high schools recognized by the Department of Education may be admitted as freshman into the University. Admission will be based on the applicant€™s Bicol University College Entrance Test (BUCET) Composite Rating consisting of the BUCET score (80%) and his/her general weighted average in the first three years of high school (20%).

The following may apply for the BUCET:

  1. Students of DepEd-recognized high schools who have not taken the BUCET previously and are high school seniors expecting to graduate at the end of the school year.
  2.  High school graduates who have not taken and are not taking any college subject/s.
  3.  Holders of Philippine Educational Placement Test (PEPT) certificates who are eligible for admission to college.

BUCET applicants must submit the following requirements:

  1. Correctly and completely accomplished Application Form (AF);
  2. Two copies of 1 x 1 identical recent photograph of the applicant to be attached in the application form;
  3. First to Third Year High School academic ratings affixed at the reverse side of the AF and duly signed by the school Principal and/or photocopy of PEPT results if a qualifier;
  4. One long-sized window envelope and P 40.00 pesos worth of stamps for mailing of test results.
  5. Photocopy of Form 138 for high school graduates who have not taken any college subject. (Original copy of Form 138 should be presented for authentication.)

Securing, Filling-up and Filing the BUCET Application Form (AF)

A. Securing the BUCET AF

1. Download the BUCET Application Form and the information bulletin below.

BUCET Application Form (Please print back to back.)
Courses Offered

2. For applicants residing in areas without internet access, pay the non-refundable testing fee of one hundred fifty pesos (P150.00) at the BU General Administration Building University Cashier€™s Office.

3. Present the original receipt (OR) to any staff of the BU Admissions Office to secure the BUCET Application Form.

B. Filling-up of BUCET AF

1. Provide all the information asked for in the application form. If the course(s) you have chosen is/are offered in two or more campuses, you are to indicate the campuses of your chosen courses €“ first campus and then the second campus.

2. Check that no item is left unanswered in the Application Form. Make sure to include/attach the needed requirements upon filing.

Failure to include/attach the requirements will mean that your application form will not be processed.

C. Filing the BUCET AF

C. 1 For Downloaded AF

1. For verification purposes, file the completed AF together with the requirements at the BU Admissions Office two weeks before the scheduled date/s of examination. Please take note that you can only take the BUCET in test centers within or nearest your place of residence.

2. Pay the non-refundable testing fee of one hundred fifty pesos (P150.00) at the University Cashier€™s Office - BU General Administration Building.

3. Present the original receipt (OR) to any staff of the Admissions Office and get your Test Permit.

C.2 For Mailed AF

1. Mail the completed AF and attached the testing fee paid in Postal Money Order payable to BUCET, Admissions Office, Bicol University, Legazpi City.

2. Test permit will also be mailed to the applicant. (Include in the application form, 2 window envelops worth P60.00 pesos of stamps).

3. Applicants are advised to see or call the Admissions Office a week before the scheduled examination if test permit has not been received.