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Financial Information

This section presents the schedule of fees for the current school year, mode of payment and refund procedures applicable to undergraduate college students. It must be noted that fees may vary in subsequent semesters and the schedule presented may be applicable only to the school year when this handbook was released.

Following are the fees to be paid upon enrollment with brief description:

  • Tuition Fee - The basic fee computed on a per unit basis.

  • Matriculation Fee

    • Physical Development Fee - The fee partly covers the cost of improving the physical facilities of the University

    • Library Fee - The fee partly covers the cost of improving library collection and resources. A significant portion of the cost of providing library resources is subsidized by the government.

    • Laboratory Fee(science, computer, languange and other laboratory) - The fee is used to upgrade the laboratory facilities and cover for the depreciation cost of the equipment used to enable the University to continually provide for newer laboratory facilities.

    • Medical - Dental Fee - The fee entitles the student to a free medical and dental services from BU clinics which he/she is officially enrolled.

    • Athletic Fee - The fee is used in the conduct of intramurals, and other athletic events involving students.

    • SCUAA Fee - The fee is used during SCUAA participated by BU athletes.

    • NSTP Fee - The fee covers the operational expenses in implementing the NSTP program in each of the colleges.

    • Guidance Fee - The Fee is used to finance training programs on various self-development issues for students across all year levels.

    • Entrance Fee (New Student) - Entrance fee covers the cost of identification card for new students and student handbook.

    • Internet Fee or its equivalent - Covers the cost of internet access and use of Information Technology (IT) equipment within the University.


  • Miscellaneous Fees

    • ID Validation Fee - Covers the validation of ID per semester.

    • Red Cross - Covers the contribution of the students to the Red Cross International and ticket automatically becomes an entry to the raffle draw.

    • Anti TB Fund - Covers the contribution of the students to the Anti Tuberculosis Campaign of the Albay TB Pavillion and the ticket automatically becomes an entry to the raffle draw.

    • Group Insurance - Cover the group insurance of students for one calendar year for accidents within and outside the University.

    • Late Enrollment - This is the fee collected for enrolling late other than the prescribed period.

    • Change, substitution adding droping of subjects - This is the fee paid when students has to change subjects, substitution of subjects and when dropping a subject within the prescribed period.


  • Student Related Fees

    • Student Council Fee - The fees is collected by the representatives of the College Student Council and used partly to cover the operating fund of the College student Council(CSC) and the University Student Council (USC).

    • Publication Fee - The fee is used in the publication of the college student publication and the Universitarian - the official publication of the University Student Body. The fee entitles a student to a copy of both publications. The management of the fund is handled by students involved in publications.

    • Student Organization Fees - The fee are collected by students of the student organizations wherein the student is a member either voluntarily or by virtue of the course being taken (such as junior professional organization).


  • Fees Paid Within the Semester

    • Removal Examination/Validation (per subject) - This is the fee to be paid by the students before taking removal examination.

    • Completion - Refers to the fee to be paid to settle an incomplete mark for a particular subject taken in the preceding semester.

    • Educational Tours - This fee is set by the participating students and may vary depending on the destination, duration and the number of students participating.


  • Fees for Graduating Students

    • Diploma Fee - Covers the cost of College Diploma issued by the University upon graduation.

    • Transcript of Records Fee - Covers the cost of transcript of records per page.

    • Other Fees - In-Company Training, Field Instruction, Swimming Pool Fee, Related Learning Experience, Student Teaching, etc.