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Vision, Mission, Goal and Objectives


A world-class university producing leaders and change agents for social transformation and development.


The Bicol University shall primarily give professional and technical training, and provide advanced and specialized instruction in literature, philosophy, the science and arts, besides providing for the promotion of scientific and technological researches (RA 5521, Section 3).



Bicol University College of Education upholds the culture of Scholarship, Leadership, Character, and Service.

Institutional Learning Outcomes

Every BU graduate should:

 demonstrate critical thinking and integrative skills into solve problems and to support lifelong learning;
 communicate effectively and appropriately orally and in writing for various purposes with the responsible use ICT tools;
 collaborate with diverse people ethically and with mastery of knowledge and skills in given disciplines; and
 create knowledge and innovation to promote inclusive development as well as globalization.


College Learning Outcomes

Graduates of the College of Education are teachers who can:

 exhibit comprehensive content, pedagogical and technological knowledge, and understanding of the learner;
 demonstrate a wide range of skills in curriculum development, lesson planning, materials development, instructional delivery, assessment, and research;
 develop innovative teaching approaches for diverse learners;
 uphold the dignity of the teaching profession anchored on global perspectives; and
 pursue life-long learning for personal and professional growth.


Program Learning Outcomes

Graduates of the BSED/BEED Programs are teachers who:
 demonstrate in-depth understanding of the development of adolescent/elementary leaners;
 exhibit comprehensive knowledge of various learning areas in the secondary/elementary curriculum;
 create and utilize appropriate materials and assessment tools to enhance instruction and improve learning outcomes;
 practice ethical standards of the teaching profession; and exhibit willingness and capability to continue learning and render service to the community.