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Degree Programs

Graduate Programs

Ed.D. in Educational Leadership and Management

Ph.D. in Mathematics Education

Ph.D. in Educational Foundation

MA English Education

MA Filipino Education

MA Reading Education

MA History Education

MA Social Studies Education

MA Math Education

MA General Science Education

MA Physics Education

MA Chemistry Education

MA Biology Education

MA Educational Leadership and Management

MA Music Education

MA Counselor Education

Diploma in Pre-School Education

Diploma in Cultural Education


Tertiary Programs

Bachelor in Elementary Education

General Elementary Education

Preschool Education

Enriched BEED, Major in Pre-School Education

Bachelor in Secondary Education Major in:




Physical Science

Biological Science

Social Studies





Special Program

      Certificate in College Teaching/Certificate in Teaching

Basic Education

Elementary (K-6)

Junior High School (G7-10)

Senior High School (G11-12)