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Lorna M. Miña, Ph.D.



Marcia Corazon P. Rico, Ph.D.

Associate Dean


Cynthia L. Dado

Administrative Officer, Cluster 2


Angela E. Lorenzana, Ph,D.

Chairperson, Language Arts & Literature Ed. (LAL) Department


Ma. Lourdes M. Macasinag, MST

Chairperson, Science, Technology, & Mathematics Ed. Department


Maria Elena C. Ahorro, RGC

Chairperson, Humanities & Social Science Ed. Department


Maria Joselyn J. Paje, Ed. D.

Chairperson, Management & Professional Teacher Ed. Department


Marcia Corazon P. Rico, Ph.D.

Chairperson, Early & Late Childhood Education Ed. Department


Rita J. Lina, MAED

Irish M. Monasterial, CPA

Unit Head, BUILS-Elementary Head, Accounting Office, Cluster 2


Sandra A. Casitas, MAED

Amelia M. Morales

Unit Head, BUCEILS-High School Budget Officer, Cluster 2


Shiela I. Arocco, Ph.D.

Maybel A. Añonuevo

Research Coordinator Cashier, BUCE


Maria Cecilia P. Aguilar, MAED

Lorenzo P. Nuñez

Extension Coordinator Supply Officer, BUCE


Ma. Saleste D. San Pablo, MAED

Ronel M. Villanueva, MAED

Experiential Learning Coordinator Physical Plant/Buildings & Ground Coordinator


Ronabeth L. Fider

Maribel M. Naz

BUCE Librarian BUCE Guidance Coordinator


Jeanie M. Egar

Production Coordinator