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"To primarily give professional and technical training and provide advanced and specialized instruction in Engineering and provide for the promotion of scientific and technological researches.”


  • To produce professionals in architecture and engineering, with managerial capability through improved instruction and relevant experiences.
  • To embark on relevant new programs.
  • To intensify the development of moral, spiritual, social, intellectual and physical well being of the students.
  • To improve the competency of teaching Engineering and Architecture in the Region through utilization of innovative methods and the development and production of instructional materials.

Research and Extension

  • To conduct studies in industry and energy, culture and heritage, utilities and infrastructure, environmental protection and control, housing, and instructional concerns through the use of different research methods for various end-users.
  • To conduct extension activities within the service area of the college through  non formal education, and strengthen linkages with other schools and agencies along areas in industry, disaster preparedness, heritage conservation, energy utilization, safety in buildings, environmental protection and control, and social sciences.


  • To increase the financial capability of the college through institutionalized income-generating projects.

 Infrastructure Development Maintenance

  • To realize the infrastructure development in the University and modernize classrooms and other instructional facilities and make them a work of art in engineering and architecture.
  • To properly maintain the existing facilities and make them a work of art in engineering and architecture.
  • To enhance the output of the college through the acquisition of sufficient facilities and equipment.

 Human Resources

  • To enhance the quality of services through the development of knowledge, skills, and values of human resources.