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Name of Faculty Member     Status Position Title
ABRIGO, Jayson Permanent Instructor I
ALTAVANO, Margery A. Permanent Instructor I
ARROCO, Jonathan C. Permanent Professor I
BALBIN, Nicanor B. Permanent Professor I
BALLERAS, Arlene A. Permanent Instructor I
BANTOG, Maurina A. Permanent Assoc. Professor III
BELBES, Yolanda M. Permanent Asst. Professor II
BELGICA, Phoebe M. Permanent Professor III
BERTIS, Eduardo M. Permanent Assoc. Professor V
BIGUEJA, Christine C. Permanent Instructor I
BITANCUR, Luis A. Permanent Asst. Professor II
BORNILLA, Romeo C. Permanent Asst. Professor II
BUEN, Antonio Jr. B. Permanent Instructor I
BUSTAMANTE, Joseph P. Permanent Asst. Professor II
CALLEJA, Christian C. Permanent Instructor II
COLLANTES, Maricel C. Permanent Instructor III
GAVERIA, Angelina A. Permanent Assoc. Professor II
GAVERIA, Vicente Jr. M. Permanent Assoc. Professor IV
HABALO, Joel B. Permanent Assoc. Professor IV
HERNANDEZ, Cesar S. Permanent Asst. Professor I
ISAAC, Victor-Solito D. Permanent Asst. Professor IV
JACOB, Elena J. Permanent Asst. Professor II
LLONA, Rolando M. Permanent Assoc. Professor III
MADRIGAL, Nelfa A. Permanent Asst. Professor II
MADRONA, Bartolome L. Permanent Assoc. Professor I
MELITANTE, Antonio L. Permanent Asst. Professor II
MENDIVIL, Antonio B. Permanent Assoc. Professor V.
MENDOZA, Cesar S. Permanent Asst. Professor III
MERENCIANO, Kengie E. Permanent Instructor I
NAVERA, Edson N. Permanent Assoc. Professor I
OLFINDO, Gilmoore T. Permanent Instructor I
OSMA, Adrian A. Permanent Instructor II
OSTONAL, Jeffrey M. Permanent Instructor I
PAJAVERA, Wilma Permanent Instructor I
PRADES, Corazon Permanent Instructor I
REYES, Janessa A. Permanent Assoc. Professor I
RUSTRIA, Ginalyn A. Permanent Instructor I
SACAY, Aldwin M. Permanent Asst. Professor II
SALES, Joel N. Permanent Assoc. Professor II