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The Vision, Mission, Goals and Objectives


A world-class university producing leaders and change agents for social transformation and development. 


The Bicol University shall primarily give professional and technical training, and provide advanced and specialized instruction in literature, philosophy, the science and arts, besides providing for the promotion of scientific and technological researches. (RA 5521, Sec. 3)


To produce globally competent and dynamic nurses who shall embody the ideals of scholarship, leadership, character and service, and shall be responsive to the challenges of social transformation and development.


The BUCN graduate shall:

  1. Demonstrate desirable values and attitudes towards self, others and the profession.
  2. Practice evidence-based, safe and quality health care to individuals, family, population groups and communities towards the improvement of the lives of the Filipinos in particular, and humankind in general.
  3. Manifest fundamental leadership and management skills in various health care settings using innovative systems-approach in the delivery of client care.
  4. Exemplify commitment to service in the promotion of health and prevention of illness, alleviation of suffering, and restoration of health.
  5. Actively participate in activities related to environmental health and climate change adaptation, gender equality and development, and global partnership towards community resiliency and empowerment.