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Course Offerings

Undergraduate Courses

There are two undergraduate courses offered by the College of Nursing. The regular Bachelor's Degree Program was approved through BOR Res. No. 39, S. 1971 and the Bachelor of Science in Ladderized Nursing curriculum established by virtue of BOR Res. No. 25 S. 1995.

Graduate Course

The College of Nursing also offers Master in Nursing which was approved through BOR Referendum No. 16 S. 1994.
The Nursing Act, RA 9173 provides for sound and professional foundation for the practice of nursing. Therefore, the College of Nursing endeavors to offer a curricular program that satisfies this provision and strives to meet the minimum requirements of CHED. In terms of Related Learning Experiences (RLE) of the students, the college also complies with RA 9173, which states that learning experience can be observed in a classroom, hospital, home, community or other health/welfare agency. A base hospital is also a requirement where the students experience majority of the prescribed related learning experience. Thus, the BUCN and the Bicol Regional Teaching & Training Hospital (BRTTH) have a memorandum of agreement for this purpose whereby the BRTTH shall become the base hospital of BUCN for the affiliation of the nursing students. The affiliation of the nursing students to various hospitals in Metro Manila for their mental health nursing, communicable disease nursing, orthopedic nursing and other areas of nursing are likewise conducted during summer. This is to augment and to comply with the required number of hours for the clinical learning experience of the students.