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The Bicol University since its creation onJune 21, 1969through the passage of Republic Act 5521 has remained faithful to its commitment of being a strong pillar for regional and national development.


With the changing demands of the times, it has pushed for reforms to broaden and strengthen its programs and maximize the benefits that should rightfully accrue to the community it serves.


The College of Social Sciences and Philosophy is one of the four colleges of the Bicol University that emerged from the formerly College of Arts and Sciences with the implementation of the Bicol University Comprehensive Development Plan approved by the Bicol University Board of Regents through Resolution No. 072 series of 2003.


The College of Social Sciences and Philosophy was created through Board of Regents Resolution No. 075, series of 2004. The Comprehensive Development Plan provides framework for all development activities in the areas of instruction, research, extension, production, physical facilities, organizational restructuring, financial management and human resource including recruitment, training and promotion, for implementation in the next 10 years commencing CY 2004 subject to a bi-annual review to assess its relevance and applicability taking into consideration, regional, national and global development needs along its mandated functions.


Its general direction revolves around the provision of the relevant advanced education based on strong baccalaureate offering and vigorous integrated research/extension programs supportive to regional development.


This development direction and strategy pursued byBicolUniversityis anchored on the following legal bases and guiding principles:


  • The 1987 Philippine Constitutional Mandate (Article XIV, Sec. 3)
  • Education Act of 1982 or RA 232
  • The Higher Education Act of 1995 (RA 7722)
  • The Long Term Higher Education Development Plan (1996-2005)
  • Education Act 5521
  • RA 8292 (Higher Education Modernization Act of 1997)
  • RA 8435


The College of Social Sciences and Philosophy is composed of six (6) departments namely the General Education Department, Peace Studies Department, Political Science Department, Philosophy Department, Sociology Department and Social Work Department.

College Goals

1.To produce competent graduates imbued with a strong sense of patriotism and nationalism by providing responsive professional education at the baccalaureate and post-baccalaureate levels in the fields of social sciences ;

2. To evolve a college culture characterized by collegiality, solidarity, service-orientedness and productivity through the:

a.pursuit of pure and applied researches in the various fields of the social sciences in response to regional, national and global development thrusts;

b. extension services to communities in line with the college’s expertise and resources in the form of consultancy, training, development programs, projects;

c. promotion of advocacies in support of various concerns towards holistic human transformation and development;

d. generation of internally and externally sourced funds to ensure the financial sustainability of the college operation.