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The Bicol University was created on June 21, 1969 by virtue of RA 5521 to give professional and technical
training and provide advanced and specialized instruction in literature, philosophy, science and arts,
besides providing for the promotion of scientific and technological researches. Section 6 (e) of RA 5521
also requires the Board of Regents to immediately establish a post-graduate course in liberal arts and sciences
or in education leading to a master’s degree.

Operating in the spirit of its charter, BU organized its Graduate School in 1971 through
BOR Resolution No. 38, series of 1971. It also opened its first graduate program leading to
Master of Arts in Education by virtue of BOR Resolution No. 39, series of 1971. Thus, on June 1971,
the BUGS welcomed its first batch of 473 graduate students (1971-72 Annual Report).

In pursuit of its mandate, the Graduate School offers programs and spearheads projects that are
in accordance with its institutional objectives. Initially offering three master’s programs during its inception,
the Graduate School has now seven (7) doctoral programs, 34 master’s programs, and 24 diploma programs. Enrolment at the Graduate School has also increased substantially as well as the number of graduates
during its more than three decades of existence.

The Graduate School is headed by a Dean and is assisted by a Dean and is assisted by a College Secretary.
With the passage of BOR Resolution No. 42 in 1999, almost half of thegraduate programs were decentralized
to selected units with in-house capability. The BOR resolution redefined the role of the Graduate School according
to policy framework where it will institute and administer the programs while receiving units will
implement, supervise, and coordinate the decentralized graduate programs.



A World-Class university producing leaders and change agents for social transformation and development. 



To give professional and technical training and provide advanced and specialized instruction in
literature, philosophy, the sciences and arts, besides providing for the promotion of scientific
technological researches, extension service to the community and resource generation through
its various productive endeavors to complement the university’s mandated instruction-research function.



To promote the highest degree of efficiency and effectiveness in the administration and management
of the Graduate School for excellent discharge of its mandated functions in accordance with the
quality assurance frameworks of AACCUP, CHED IQuAME and other instructions;

To develop world-class leaders imbued with the philosophy of servant leadership and the BU
ideals of scholarship, leadership, character and service through high-quality, relevant and responsive
curricular programs which meet national and international standards of quality and excellence by way
of conventional & alternative educational program delivery systems;

To generate useful knowledge and technology geared for regional and national development
through a dynamic research culture;

To foster national identity and solidarity through the promotion, preservation and dissemination of our
cultural heritage;

To improve the quality of life of people in the region through the conduct of extension activities that
promote the application of existing and new knowledge and technology;

To ensure organizational sustainability through the pursuit of productive endeavors for resource-generation
via strong collaboration with alumni, industry and other stakeholders; and

To establish institutional internalization through strong linkages with foreign institutions.

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