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BUTC Goals and Objectives
  • To produce professionals and middle-level skilled manpower in the sciences, arts, business and public administration, management, and education through relevant academic programs;
  • To pursue a staff development program matching the manpower needs of the curricular, research, and extension programs of BUTC;
  • Infrastructure improvement and development supportive of the expanded curricular, research, and extension functions of BUTC;
  • To intensify the development of moral values among all the constituents of the university, such as students, faculty, support staff, administration, and clients through increased emphasis on character as basis of performance;
  • To conduct studies in the sciences, technology, and social sciences for the development of the Bicol Region;


  • To conduct development-oriented extension service programs within its service area through non-formal education and strengthened linkages with other schools, agencies along the areas of fisheries, agriculture, industrial technology, entrepreneurship, community, health, and social sciences;
  • Increase the financial capability of the College through institutionalized income-generating projects;
  • Increased responsiveness of BUTC through legislation, policies and programs;
  • Improved governance attuned to the needs of the time.