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CAL (2017-2018 1st Sem)
Elect. (Any guided elective)
Elective 14 Advertising and Public Relations
Journ 21 Advertising Principles and Practices
Engl 29 American Literature
Hum 1 Arts
Elect. 15 Audio Techniques for Radio and TV
Broad. 18 Broadcast and Cable Management
Broad 19 Broadcast Documentary
Broad. 20 Broadcast News and Public Affairs
STA 24 Broadcast Production
Comm. 16 Broadcasting Principles and Practices
Engl 25 Classical Literature
Engl 25 Classical Literature
Comm  15 Communication and Society
Comm  22 Communication Management and Entrepreneurship
Elect 12 Community Communication
Sci. Elect. 1/Journ 16 Computer Applications
Engl 17 Creative Writing
BAC 14 Digital Graphics and Design 2
STA 15 Drama Criticism
Journ 23 Editorial Management
Spanish 11 Elementary Spanish
Engl 23 English Literature
Elec 14 Environmental Reporting
Engl  12 Essay and Essay Writing
PE 3 Fundamentals of Games and Sports
STA 26 Group Discussion and Conference Leadership
Comm Elec 14 IEC and Integrated Marketing Communication
STA  14 Intercultural Communication
Engl 16 Interpersonal and Organizational Communication
Comm. 14 Introduction to Comm. Theory
Comm  13/Comm 17 Introduction to Communication Research
Comm 13 Introduction to Communication Theory
Comm 21 Introduction to Development Communication
Comm Elect 12 Introduction to Film
Engl  11 Introduction to Linguistics
Soc. Sci. 22 Introduction to Western Civilization
Journ 18 Journalism Ethics
Journ 17 Laws on the Mass Media
BAC 11 Lighting, Photography and Videography
Philo. 1 Logic and Ethics
BAC 13 Music and Sound Production
Journ 24 Newspaper Editing and Design
Elect 13 Opinion and Commentary
STA 16 Performance Studies
SocSci Elect 11 Philippine Ethnography and Culture
Engl 24 Philippine Literature in English
STA  18 Playwriting
Socs Sci 2 Politics and Governance with Philippine Constitution
Elect 16 Post Production Techniques
STA 25 Prep. of Instructional Materials in STA
Engl  13 Principles and Practices in Journalism
Elect. 12 Public Relations Principles and Practices
Elect. 13 Radio and TV Speech and Performance
Broad. 14 Radio Production Techniques
PE   4 Recreation & Youth Leadership
Journ 22 Research Journalism
STA  17 Stage Acting and Directing
ENGL 11a Technical Communication
Sci. Elect.  1 Technical Environment
TP  2/TP 12 Thesis Production 2
Res 12 Thesis Writing
Lit  2 World Literature
Engl 2 Writing in the Discipline