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CENG 2017-2018 1st Sem
EE 420M AC / DC Machinery
Math 11b Advanced Algebra
CE 523C Advanced Structural Design
ME 512M Airconditioning and Ventilation System
ME 514A Alternative Energy Resources
Chem 22L(E) Analytic Chemistry 2 Lab
Chem 22(E) Analytic Chemistry 2 Lec
Math 13A Analytic Geometry
Hum 1 Arts
Soc. Sci. 4 Basic Economics with Agrarian Reform and Taxation
BES 8 - M/BES 8M Basic Electrical Engineering
BES 7-B Basic Mechanical Engineering
ChE 519(E) Biochemical Engineering
CE 415C Building Design 1
GE 312c Cartography
ChE 311 Chemical Calculation 1
ChE 526 Chemical Engineering Correlation Course
ChE 415 Chemical Engineering Economy
ChE 514 Chemical Engineering Laboratory 1
ChE 513 Chemical Engineering Laws and Ethics
ChE 414 Chemical Process Industries
ChE 413(E) Chemical Thermodynamics 2
CE 525C Civil Engineering Correlation Course 2
CE 514C Civil Engineering Project
ME 414A Combustion Engineering
ME 310A Computer Application Engineering
ChE 517 Computer Application in Chemical Engineering
EM 510 Computer Applications in Mining
BES 2a Computer Fundamentals and Programming
BES 14 Computer-Aided Drafting
GE 411c Construction and Industrial Surveys
CE 515 A Construction Cost Engineering
CE 413C Construction Materials and Testing
CE 512C Construction Method and Project Management
EE 413A Control Systems Analysis
EE 415A DC Machinery
Math 15 a Differential Calculus
Math 18 Differential Equations
CE 520C Earthquake Engineering
GE 311c Earth's Gravity and Geoid Modelling
EE 311A Electrical Circuits 1
EE 411A Electrical Circuits 3
EE 518 Electrical Engineering Correlation Course 1
EE 515E Electrical System Design
EE 517 Electrical Transmission and Distribution System
EE 312 Electromagnetics
EE 313 Electronic Circuits and Devices
EE 322A Electronics Circuits Analysis and Design
ME 415A Energy Management Industry
BES 9-A Engineering Economy
BES 10 Engineering Management
BES 12b Environmental Engineering
ChE 512 Equipment Design
ChE 511 Food Processing Technologies
BES 16(E) Fundamentals of Material Science and Engineering
Soc Sci 1 General Psychology
GE 511c Geodetic Computation and Adjustment
GE 515c Geodetic Control Network
GE 414c Geodetic Surveying
EM 310 Geology of Ore Deposits
CE 521C Geotechnical Aspects of Landfill Design
CE 411C Geotechnical Engineering 1 ( Soil Mechanics )
CE 513C Geotechnical Engineering 2 ( Foundation Engineering )
ChE 522 Hazardous Waste Management
ChE 412 Heat and Mass Transfer
ME 412 Heat Transfer
CE 414C Highway Engineering
GE 413c Hydrography
CE 421C Hydrology
EE 514E Illumination Engineering Design
ChE 416 Industrial Chemistry
EE 512 Industrial Instrumentation and Control
ME 513A Industrial Processes
EE 511E Information Technology
ME 516A Instrumentation Control Engineering
Math 17 Integral Calculus
Hum 3c Introduction to Logic
ChE 518 Introduction to Particle Technology
EE 416A Logic Circuits and Switching Theory
ME 411M Machine Design 1
ME 311-A Machine Elements 1
ME 321 Machine Elements 2
PHYS 12A Magnetism, Electriciy, Light and Optics
ME 425A Manufacturing Process and System
ME 323A Materials Engineering
ME 517 Mechanical Engineering Correlation Course 1
ME 413 Mechanical Engineering Laboratory 1
ME 423A Mechanical Engineering Laboratory 2
ME 511M Mechanical Engineering Laboratory 3
ME 510 Mechanical Engineering Project Study 1
ME 520A Mechanical Engineering Project Study 2
BES 5D Mechanics of Deformable Bodies
BES 5B Mechanics of Deformable Bodies 2
CE 412C Mechanics of Fluids
Phys 11 Mechanics, Heat & Sound
EM 513 Mine Economics
EM 512 Mine Management
EM 514 Mine Research and Study
EM 411 Mine Safety
GE 313c Mine Surveying
EM 511 Mineral Deposits
ChE 411 Momentum Transfer
EE 412A Numerical Methods with Computer Application
ME 500 M On The Job Training
Chem 31L(E) Organic Chemistry 1, Laboratory
Chem 31(E) Organic Chemistry 1, Lecture
Soc Sci 2 Philippine Government and Constitution
Lit 1 Philippine Literature
Hum 2 Philosophy of Man
GE 514c Photogrammetry 2
Chem 41L(E) Physical Chemistry for Engineers 1, Lab
Chem 41(E) Physical Chemistry for Engineers 1, Lec
GE 412c Physical Geodesy
Math 12b Plane and Spherical Trigonometry
ChE 525 Plant Design
EE 414A Principles of Communication
Math 16a Probability and Statistics
ChE 424 Process Control and Dynamics
GE 513c Public Land Law, Laws on Natural Resources and Mining Laws
ChE 516 Quantitative Methods in Management
GE 415c Reference Systems and Reference Frames
BES 15 Remote Sensing and GIS
EE 513E Renewable Energy Resources Design
EE 516E Research Project
MS 2 Rizal's Life and Works
BES 11M Safety Management
GE 512c Satelite Geodesy
Soc. Sci.  3 Society and Culture with Family Planning
Math 14a Solid Mensuration
ChE 515(E) Solid Waste Management
BES 3-A/BES 3a Statics of Rigid Bodies
CE 510C Structural Design 2 ( Steel and Timber )
EM 410 Structural Geology
CE 320 C Structural Theory 1
EM 412 Surface Mining
CE 311C Surveying 1
EM 311 Techniques of Mining Analysis
ME 312 Thermodynamics 1
CE 511C Transportation Engineering
ME 515A Vibration Engineering
CE 522C Water Resources Engineering
ME 313 M Workshop Theory and Practice