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Pledge of Commitment (Educating to Build Reslilient Communities-BU-Glocal Actions)"Moving from Words to Actions"

by Bicol Eden on Tuesday, November 2, 2010 at 3:08pm

       A battle cry to sustainable development is the realization of an ecologically sound, protected earth.

       " A great day it will be when the Philippines is removed from the list of most disaster-prone countries; when despite the many geophysical, climatic and conflict borne hazards that exist for reasons of its location on planet earth abd current socio-political and economic dynamics, people are spared of significant losses and suffering that often result from calamities:. (Oxfam) 

       The Philippines, particularly Albay, contends with a list of geophysical hazards such as typhoons, floodings, storm surges, volcanic eruptions, lahar flows, earthquakes, landslides, subsidence, etc.

       The impact of climate change further exacerbated its effects by compounding and altering its dynamics and triggering new ones.

       The challenge therefore is either to adapt or mitigate, but the ultimate strategy is building resiliency-Resilience is the capacity to bounce back. For a community to be resilient, its members must put into practice early and effective actions, and be wary of the precautions to take so that they can respond to adversity more effectively in a healthy manner.

       Resilience implies that after an event, a community may not only be able to cope and to recover, but that it may also change to reflect different priorities arising from the disaster.

       Thus the use of knowledge, innovation and education is important for all stakeholders to build a culture of safety and resilience at all levels.

       A flourishing society is characterized by vibrant, resilient and sustainable communities. This can only be achieved if all stakeholders work together towards one common goal.

       Accordingly, with the principle of responsibility and capability, we must ensure that poor and vulnerable communities are empowered and supported to adapt to climate change and be prepared on whatever disaster that might occur as its ultimate impact. 

       The choices we make today, will determine the king of future we will have.

       Therefore, I, the undersigned, pledge to undertake the necessary steps based from what I have and the Institution I represent, as my contribution towards Educating to Build Resilient Communities and in supporting to the Bicol Extension Disaster Education Network as an avenue for addressing the impacts brought about by climate change through a concerted effort amongst us.

       I, therefore, willingly and wholeheartedly sign this pledge of commitment together with the rest of those present to forward the ultimate aim of this program for the welfare of everyone.