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Library Privileges

All bonafide students of Bicol University (Graduate, Undergraduate, Secondary and Elementary) are entitled to use the facilities of the libraries in all units/colleges provided that they present the library card duly countersigned by the Librarian-in-charge validated for the current semester/summer of the present School Year. (BUTC and BUCAF students will only be allowed to research and vice versa.)

Application for Library Card

1. Graduate and undergraduate students shall secure an application form from the unit/college librarian concerned by presenting the Certificate of Registration (COR); likewise high school and elementary pupils will be given application form as soon as the Principal has provided the Librarian-in-charge the official list of enrollees for the current School Year.

2. The library cards will be issued in due time after the students have submitted the duly accomplished form together with two copies of recent 1x1 ID photos.

Use of Library Card

1. The library card issued to the applicant will be used throughout his/her stay in the University. It is non-transferable. For validation and clearance purposes, the requirements will be posted by the respective unit/college librarian.

2. The library card shall be used as an identification and passport when entering the unit/college libraries and in borrowing book/s for overnight or over-weekend use.

3. Any student who wishes to seek a University Clearance and Honorable Dismissal shall submit/surrender the Library card to their respective Librarians.

Borrowing Procedure

1. Any student who wishes to borrow a book/s may present to the Librarian-in-charge the book/s with the signed book card/s together with the currently validated library card.

2. No student may borrow and/or sign for book/s and other library materials on behalf of someone else.

3. Students shall pay an amount of P13.00 for the lamination of library cards.

Availment of Library Facilities

1. General references like encyclopedias, dictionaries, indexes, yearbooks, handbooks, atlases, newspapers, magazines and journals are FOR ROOM USE ONLY.

2. Special collections like dissertations, theses, project feasibility studies and other rare book collections and manuscripts are FOR ROOM USE ONLY AND NOT ALLOWED TO BE PHOTOCOPIED; Users are required to comply with the copyright law.

3. A Reserved book may be borrowed for overnight or week-end use at the last hour before closing time to be returned on or before 9:00 A.M. the following school day.

4. For Undergraduates, a maximum of two (2) Non-reserved Circulation books may be borrowed for overnight or week-end use to be returned on or before 9:00 A.M. the following school day. Students from the Graduate School and College of Medicine may also borrow a maximum of two (2) Non-reserved Circulation books for one (1) week.

5. A Fiction book may be borrowed for a week and may be renewed for another week, unless a borrower signifies to borrow the same.

6. Since books and other library materials are limited, faculty members may request and recommend reference book/s for reservation for a certain period only.

7. No book or any library materials may be brought out from the library without the Librarian's permission.

8. No catalog card/s may be withdrawn or pulled-out from the card catalog cabinet.

9. Use of multimedia room should be reserved three days before the use.