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1. Reading Areas

The reading areas serve as study spaces in the libraries.

The libraries make sure that there is adequate seating capacity, proper ventilation and lighting in these areas.

Aside from the tables, individual carrels are also available as well as book stands. OPAC stations can also be found here.

2. Internet Section

The library offers FREE internet access to all bonafide users. The following are the policies on its usage:

• “First Come, First Served” policy shall be observed.

• Signing in the log form before browsing must be followed.

• A maximum of one (1) hour is allotted for every user but can be extended if there are no other users that are waiting in queue.

• Chatting and online games are not allowed.

3. OPAC Station

The Online-Public-Access Catalog (OPAC) is an electronic list of books in all unit libraries showing where a particular book may be found. The University Library System libraries use the OPAC module of an in-housed developed integrated library system called BU-iLib. OPAC terminals are stationed near the Main Reading Area and at the General Reference Section.

4. Multimedia Room

An air-conditioned room equipped with flat LCD screen television, sound system and microphones. It can accommodate up to 50 students. Reservation for the use of the Multimedia Room must be done atleast 3 days prior to the target date of use.