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Schedule of Fees


SERVICE FEE (in Philippine Peso)
 Library Card  1st Issuance : NONE
 2nd Issuance :
       Undergraduate and BUCM: 25.00
       Graduate  : 50.00
 External Researchers  
  1. Elementary/High School  10.00/day or a fraction thereof

  2. Undergraduate  30.00/day or 150.00/month or 300.00/sem.
  3. Graduate  50.00/day or 300.00/month or 500.00/sem
  4. Walk-in/Non-academe-Based  100.00/day or 500.00/month or 1,000.00/sem.
Overdue Fine  Undergraduate:
       Gen. Circulation : 2.00/hr or 16.00/day
       Fiction : 2.00/day

 Graduate/College of Med. :
        Gen. Circulation : 5.00/hr or 40.00/day
        Fiction : 5.00/day
 Internet  NONE (For bonafide BU students and Personnel)
 15.00/hr for External Researchers



  1. Validated School ID (for students) or any valid ID for Walk-in/Non-Academe-based and Out-of-School youth
  2. Referral letter from the librarian or Administrator  of the school/office/institution
  3. Students from Divine Word College of Legazpi, Aquinas University of Legazpi and Bicol College (Consortium of Academic Libraries in Albay member institutions) may be admitted as external researchers even without a referral letter provided they have a validated school ID or library card.