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BU undergoes AACCUP accreditation


Guided by its vision to be a world-class institution, Bicol University (BU) is currently undergoing the Accrediting Agency of Chartered Colleges and Universities (AACCUP) accreditation fourth survey visit from November 14-18, 2016.


The BU programs to be accredited are: Master in Management (MM), Master of Arts in Public Administration (MaPA), Doctor of Education in Educational Management (Ed. DELM), Master of Arts in Education (MaEd), Master of Arts in Industrial Education (MAIE), and Bachelor of Science in Industrial Education (BSIE).


Headed by Dr. Edilberto Andal, the team of accreditors who will evaluate the MAIE program includes Prof. Franco Nero, Dr. Renelda Nacianceno, Dr. Nelson Nacana, Dr. Marites Fronda, Dr. Benhur Asid. Team leader, Dr. Esmen Cabal, will likewise head the panel composed of Nero, Nacienceno, Nacana, Fronda, and Asid to assess the BSIE program.

Meanwhile, Prof. Liberato Silverio will head the team composed of Dr. Sarah Taupan, Dr. Remegio Obrero, Dr. Estrelita Tucay, Dr. Leticia Gaño, and Dr. Asid for the MAPA program, while Dr. Cristina Salvosa, will supervise the accreditation of the MM program, together with Taupan, Obrero, Tucay, Gaño and Asid.

For the Ed. DELM and MaEd, the surveyors are Dr. Eden Callo, Dr. Ricardo Somblingo, Prof. Elisa Apelado, Dr. Emma Ventura and Dr. Asid. They are led by Dr. Danilo Galicia and Dr. Tessie de la Cruz.

In the opening program held at the College of Arts and Letters Amphitheater, BU President Arnulfo M. Mascariñas presented to the accreditors and audience the profile of excellence of BU.

Founded in 1987, AACCUP is the youngest of the four accrediting agencies in the country until late 2003. As stipulated in its charter, one of the functions is "to develop a mechanism of, and conduct the evaluation of programs and institutions." Programs that are awarded accreditation status are recognized for their quality standards. (Joshua Caleb P. Pacleta/OP)

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