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Faculty researchers present status of their studies to BURDC

The Bicol University Research and Development Center (BURDC) conducted the Program/Project/Study Leader’s Meeting (PLM) at the Higher Education Regional Research Center building on January 17-18.

A total of 29 program, project, and study leaders presented the progress of their research to a panel of evaluators from the BURDC. The PLM is held every quarter as part of the research management function of the center.

The following were the ongoing programs, projects, and studies presented:

  • Abaca Fiber Reinforced Composites
  • Bamboo Grove Establishment in Quinali Sub-Watershed in the Third Congressional District of Albay
  • Biorisk Management of Laboratories in Bicol University: Inputs to Policy Formulation
  • Commercialization of Selected Agroforestry Technologies in Selected Communities of Albay
  • Diversity of Mangrove-Associated Fungi in the Bicol Region and their Potentials for Bioremediation
  • Fishkill Mitigation Measures for Cage Aquaculture in Buhi Lake and Magat Dam Reservoir
  • Fungal Endophytes Medicinal Plants in the Province of Albay and their Biological Applications
  • Laddered Teacher Education Program for Preschool
  • Phytochemical and In-Vitro Bioactivity Screening of Endemic Medplants in Albay
  • Piloting the Global Initiative for Resource Efficient Cities (GIREC) Toolkit in Sorsogon City
  • Reinvigorating the Philippine Coconut Industry through the Coconut Somatic Embryogenesis Technology
  • Revitalizing the Abaca Industry through S&T Intervention for Higher Crop Productivity using the High-Yielding and Bunchy Top-Resistant Abaca Hybrids
  • Squid Pot-Seaweed Farming Integration: An Income Diversification Option in a Small Island Community
  • Suitability Assessment and Mapping to Support the Development of Resilient Communities in Selected Vulnerable Communities in Albay
  • Technology Development and Promotion for the Conservation, Production, and Commercialization of Indigenous Organic Upland Rice in Selected Areas in the Bicol Region
  • Value Chain Promotion of Pen Shell (Baluko) in the Province of Sorsogon

According to BURDC Prof. Yolanda Julieta Brugada-Buama, who spearheaded the event, “The center’s main function is research management, which includes reviewing the implementation of all research undertakings. This activity ensures that ongoing studies are regularly monitored.”

Each faculty researcher was given a schedule to present his or her accomplishments. The presentations focused on the research program or project’s attainment of objectives, completion of reportorial requirements, and other management concerns. The panel of evaluators were composed of BURDC technical staff members.

The university classifies faculty research undertakings as programs, projects, or studies. A program “consists of interrelated or complementing research and development projects requiring an interdisciplinary or multi-disciplinary approach to meet an established goal within a specific timeframe.”

Meanwhile, a project is “a set of interrelated studies to meet predetermined objectives within a specific timeframe.”

Further, the university’s Manual of Operations for Research and Development defines a study as “the basic unit of the university research system that is concerned with the investigation of a specific problem identified under a project or discipline, with predetermined objectives to be accomplished within a specific timeframe.”

In other words, a program is composed of two or more projects, while a project is composed of two or more studies. (Gremil Alessandro Alcazar Naz, BURDC)

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