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October has brought a number of changes...

October has brought a number of changes to the university, and we look forward to many more changes to come. All of these spell nothing but improvement for our beloved institution in all aspects—from additional
program offerings to new infrastructures, not to mention a more appropriate and practical academic garb.

On the whole, Bicol University is slowly and carefully rationalizing every facet of its existence. We aim to pursue the attainment of our vision in a holistic manner, leaving no item untouched or neglected. It may be a painstaking process, but it is the only way towards true excellence and subsequent world-class stature.

Even now, we see the fruits of these changes in the performance of our constituents, among faculty members and students alike. We continue to shine in ourengagements, and look forward to reap even greater harvests in the years to come. We do not get tired of making BU proud, that we may be even prouder to be part of this beloved institution.

Thank you for the continued commitment and may your love for Bicol University never wane and continue to grow!

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