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Every New Year is a fresh start

Every New Year is a fresh start; a new beginning. But each year is always built on the glories and foibles of the past. The entire Bicol University particularly those who underwent accreditation of their respective programs have worked enormously to maintain as well as upgrade the extent of excellence that we all aspire for.  We continue to dream and work hard to attain the SUC leveling that will be our stepping stone towards our status as a world class University.

Our recent performance in the SCUAA has made me realize that we are always capable of bouncing back amidst trying challenges. I extend my heartfelt congratulations to the BU athletes and their respective coaches for rising to the challenge I have set upon them. Indeed, our victory is a manifestation of how the ordinary human spirit can triumph over many unexpected odds and deliver extraordinary efforts!

But this is also the time to recoup all the efforts of the previous years and channel them into more productive endeavors that will contribute to the transformative development of our beloved Bicol University. No effort is ever so small that it cannot create ripples of change. Every little act or the lack of it impacts our life here in the university and beyond. We are, after all, one big Bicol University family, with our shares of triumphs and struggles.

This year, a new chapter in the life of Bicol University is waiting to be written.  Go ahead. Place your mark. Leave a footnote. Set your foot prints. Walk with me. Dream with me. And together, as one family, in constant prayer and thanksgiving for each one’s contributions, let us continually write newer and better chapters for Bicol University!

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