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To the 302 Teaching and 185 Non-Teaching Women of Bicol University:

I have a very high regard for women. I would not have been where I am now if not for the woman who carried me in her womb and thereafter sacrificed her personal liberties so she can raise us, her children, well; which is in reality, the same story for thousands of women. It may even be your own story. I would not have enjoyed the perks and domestication that having a family brings without a woman by my side. Indeed, behind every man’s success, is a woman.

I am, therefore, privileged to be in the company of equals - women whose wit and charm coupled with an inner strength and capacity to care have greatly contributed to what Bicol University has become. Bicol University has been led by notable women Presidents who made their own mark and left indelible footprints that contributed to the University’s growing prestige and recognition. Even those of you who simply stood in the shadows of your superiors are just as important as those who stood in the front lines. Behind every BU accomplishment is the strength of your shadow. You are the pillars by which we stand – the refuge that brings comfort to our wounded pride and balm to our broken hearts.

As a man, leading a women-dominated institution, I do recognize the varied roles that each woman-employee plays and the many demands that are placed on their shoulders as professionals and family nurturers. For this reason, I have always endeavored to create a level playing field for both men and women in the University. In recognition of the important role that women-leaders play in policy formulation and decision making, I have appointed the same number of both men and women in key leadership and executive positions. 

As I acknowledge and appreciate your strong leadership qualities and decisive choices, I see the need to continuously enhance your personal and professional development. After all, we are all works in progress and nobody has yet gone full circle in their personal progress and professional development. This is the very reason why the University creates equal opportunities for advancement in terms of scholarships and professional growth.

Keeping these in mind, I am continuously making the BU workplace, women-friendly by integrating structural changes reflective of Gender and Development mandates in respective offices and units. I am, and will remain, a staunch advocate that “We Make Change Work for the Women” of Bicol University.

May you continue to be blessed with the dignity and privileged of your womanhood.

Happy Women’s Month!

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