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BU Enrollment Privilege

Dependent of B.U. Personnel
Children of B.U. Personnel whose father/mother holds a permanent position in the University are granted 25% free tuition. Those availing of the privilege must have obtained a GWA of not lower than 2.5 during the preceding semester.

University Athletes
Students who have enrolled in BU for at least one semester and have represented the University in national/regional/city/provincial meet are entitled to the privileges as follows:

SCUAA/National meet participant - 100% free tuition
Regional meet participant - 75% free tuition
City/Provincial meet participant - 50% free tuition

Students availing of this privilege must be recommended by the Director, IPESR and file an application for the privilege with the Office of Student Services.

Members of the University Band
Students who have been enrolled in BU for at least a semester and are members of the University Band are granted 100% free tuition. They must be recommended by the In-charge, BU Band.

Corps Commander/Sponsor
The corps commander/sponsor of the BU-ROTC unit is granted a 100% free tuition during his/her term as such. Application for the privilege shall be with the Office of Student Services and student must be recommended by the BU-ROTC commandant.

University/College Student Council Officers
Students who are officers of the USC or students occupying major positions in the USC are entitled to free tuition fee, as follows:

USC President - 100% free tuition
Other USC Officers and CSC President - 75% free tuition
Other CSC Officers - 50% free tuition