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2 BUenos in top spot for Electronics, Medicine board

April 26, 2024

Bicol UniversIty (BU) once again produced two world class professionals in the recently conducted April 2024 licensure examinations for  electronics technician and physician licensure exams. 

Engr. Andrie Maldo from BU Polangui campus achieved the 4th spot in theLicensure Examination with 90% rating. Meanwhile, Dr. Elicia Yem Arcilla, making history as the first topnotcher from the Bicol University College of Medicine (BUCM), secured the 10th spot in the Physician Licensure Examination (PLE)  with 86.92% rating.


Unexpected Paths

A student who discovered his potential through an unexpected decision is now inspiring others. Engr. Andrie Maldo, from a science-oriented high school to senior high, often found himself among the top 5 at the bottom of the rankings during his high school years. 

Taking the BUCET was his first challenge in college, and he did not get into either of his two program options, but his faith led him to his true course. 

Electronics engineering was not his initial preference. In an interview with Engr. Andrie, he shared that, “Si mama yung nagpilit sakin na i-try tingnan yung courses na nandito sa polangui. Yung dalawang choices ko is animation and electronics engineering. Electronics engineering Napili ko since andoon din yung mga senior high classmates ko. Align din naman yung electronics engineering sa other interest ko that time so I just tried to see where it goes nalang.”

Mathematics is one of the formidable challenges to students, but it is also an important building block for a solid foundation in engineering,  Engr. Andrie, like other students, admitted to having a fragmented understanding when they began calculus lectures. Driven by his professor and strict grading system, he decided to look into alternative resources like youtube videos, before he noticed math had already become his favorite subject. 

His compiled materials from professors since his first year, as well as his struggles and discovery of how to be more resourceful, helped him prepare for his upcoming licensure examination.


Battle before triumph

In his 4th year, Engr. Andrie faced the challenge of returning to onsite learning after dealing with the difficulties of doing laboratory work independently and relying on simulations during the pandemic. At that time, students and faculty members had difficulty with this mode of instruction.

Despite these challenges, he completed his capstone projects and graduated. Engr Andrie. Inspired by his college years said “Yung experiences in college and the lessons I have learned really shaped me and the friends I’ve made were the best part of my college years.”

When asked about his journey in the board exam and his struggles,  Engr. Andrie shared his experience and challenges he encountered.

“November I went to Manila with 3 of my college friends para mag review sa review center. Madalas may water interruption, slow wifi speed, pawala wala na internet connection, sobrang init sa tanghali since naka electric fan lang kami, but we stayed since yun ang kaya ng budget naming and somehow nagawan naman naming ng paraan. We persevered despite madaming obstacles.”

Reflecting on his path to passing the board exams, Engr. Andrie expressed gratitude to the people who supported him during the exam 

“I’m really thankful sa mga naging teachers and professors ko. They’ve provided me with the knowledge that I have now and I still remember some of their advice. Thankful din sa friends ko, talking and being with them made living in a boarding house away from home bearable  and syempre to my family. They were the ones that helped and guided me and nag provide ng emotional support during review. Everyone in our family did their part in their own way.”


Arcilla is 1st BUCM topnotcher

Dr. Elicia is a product of BU from her humble beginnings in elementary school to her pursuit of excellence in nursing and now in the BUCM, her dedication and commitment shine through. 

In an interview with Bombo Radyo, her mentor, Dr. Ofelia M. Samar-Sy, Dean of BUCM described Dr. Elicia, and shared her excellent achievement during her college years in nursing, “Si Yem ay hindi siya yung student na nagpapakita ng gilas, tahimik lang pero may track record siya na nasa top 11 sa nursing.”

It can be recalled that BUCM has been a consistent top performing school in the country. But this year, 19 newly licensed BUeno physicians were produced with one who made it to the 10th rank,  making her the first BUeño topnotcher. 


Pandemic Batch

In an interview question of Dr. Elicia in Bombo Radyo, the reporter asked  “Doc, gusto ko lang malaman, anong challenges po ba yung pinagdaanan nyo during the process meron bang times na parang gusto nyo na mag give up sa pag aaral o sa pagrereview anong mga challenges yung mga pinagdaanan.” 

Dr. Elicia shared what she passed through during her hard times and struggles during the pandemic review. 

“Online po yung set up ng sa review center po namin and mahirap ang sitwasyon sa bahay malapit sa mga temptation malapit sa kama and yun po kailangan lang po talaga ng disiplina everyday na kailangan mo matapos yung mga handouts yung mga videos na kailangan mo matapos for the day although yun nga po madaming time na parang what if i give up nalang  what if di ko nalang sila tapusin pero after few minutes na hinga few minutes na, madalas po ako matulog in between mga lectures and hands outs kasi hindi ko talagang kaya ituloy tuloy pero yun po kailangan matapos. ”

Despite facing personal challenges and the disruptions of the pandemic, Dr. Elicia remained steadfast in her faith and commitment to her studies.

Pandemic is one of the most challenging times for a student but that is not a reason for a BUeño to stop on their goal and pursue a dream. 

Reflecting on Dr. Elicia journey, Dr. Ofelia said ” I have been praying for this and lahat ng faculty ng college of medicine ito talaga ang dream namin kasi na achieve na namin yung consistent na mataas na passing rates pero, mabait si lord kasi mabilis nya binagay yung amin, yung aming pangrap yung aming minimithi talaga for the college of medicine.” | by Lea Loureen M. Kaibigan, BUCPRO Intern

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